Detroit rapper sues over alleged Canadian border hassles

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The owner of a hip-hop record label based in Detroit says he has launched a lawsuit against Canadian immigration officials over alleged racial profiling of black hip-hop stars.

Jerome Almon names 95 border guards and two former federal ministers of immigration, Denis Coderre and Elinor Caplan, in the lawsuit filed in Michigan last week.

Almon told CBC radio he has been detained and questioned at the border 117 of the last 120 times he crossed into Canada.

Get this. The guy wants 900 million. The case is pretty simple. He has a criminal record and he has to clear that if he wants to enter Canada. Do we need another rapper in Toronto?
if u have a criminal record you don't get to cross borders easily. makes sense to me. don't give a crap if you're black, still got to follow the rules

900,000,000 my arse
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ridiculous. it's times like this i wish a country could stand up and say "sorry, one of our citizens is an idiot, we'll explain this fact to him." Then the men with white coats can come and take him away for a few weeks to explain to him why he's such a moron.
I hope the twit is as dedicated in his 'music' as he is in getting Canadian immigration officials' names. He should be told once and once only: "Don't come back."
The US has tightened its border, and this guy is upset about our security? He's playing the racial card. What does he expect with a criminal record?
And on another note, rap isn't music. Thereís no music in it! Rappers donít sing a melody, or play a musical instrument. You need a melody to make it music. Rap is to music what etch a sketch is to art.
Heck. American border guards routinely give anyone grief when trying to cross in to the states. You would think all Canadians are enemy aliens from the attitude they give us. This isn't a racial thing at all. We could do with less ex-crack dealing biatch slapping wannabe pimp daddies.

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