Good news for retirees.

Incremental increase in cpp benefits and contributions over the next few decades
Thanks Justin.... not as good as good as Harper's income splitting....just a few bucks a month so my next coffee at Tim Horton, I'll be toasting Justin..
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Incremental increase in cpp benefits and contributions over the next few decades
Thanks Justin.... not as good as good as Harper's income splitting....just a few bucks a month so my next coffee at Tim Horton, I'll be toasting Justin..

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-BERAL PROPAGANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

The increased CONTRIBUTIONS tax payers will be OBLIGATED to make to CPP are starting VERY SOON- probably in the spring 2019 budget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUT THE INCREASED PAYOUTS will not start in any significant way until 4 DECADES have passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And by that time LIE-beral INFLATION - caused by massive deficits and by carbon crap and trade tax SCAMS will have devoured that increased payout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As always though - LIE-berals WILL add a few pennies to CPP and OAS but any BIG improvement IS A LONG way off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As usual- LIE-berals like DaSleeper are hoping we did not read the FINE PRINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

Meaning EVERYBODY pays more now but only a few live long enough to COLLECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course LIE-berals are HOPING DESPERATELY that the old folks will be focused on that LIE-beral Fake News of a CPP raise- WITHOUT doing so much worrying about what the cost of the LIE-beral carbon crap and trade tax SCAM will do to the price of EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iT IS all lie-BERAL bait and switch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

And the BIGGEST bait and switch is DaSleeper offering up a BROKEN Globe and Mail link so we cannot find out easily how he is spewing Fake News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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POOR STUPID LIE-berals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Offering up all sorts of PEA BRAIN NON SOLUTIONS to the problem THEY ARE MAKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the 2015 election LIE-berals counted strongly on the young voters- but it seems unlikely that support will be there in 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some very frustrated young person posted a rant a while back about what a nasty, expensive city Toronto was and how disgusting the available apartments are and some smugly complacent Boob posted this in response:

Re: Trying to rent an apartment in this POS city? (downtown)

OK. Toronto is a major metropolitan city.
Within it there are 3 universities and many colleges both private and public.
Finding an apartment in Toronto for under $900 a month usually puts you in an illegal apartment or living in a place you would not want to live. Just renting a room is about $700 a month and the last time I saw that available was at Roncesvalles and Queen West in a decent building.
Find a roommate and pool your money or find a better paying job, but I believe your best move is leave. You are clearly unhappy about this city so much as to reference it as a POS. Well guess what. No one asked you to come and you are free to go back to wherever the fcuk you came here from.
Complaining about something doesn't make it any better.
Have a great time outside the city. Come back with an education and a career. Or at least with a higher income level.
Or better yet, just leave and don't come back until you look at what rent is in Vancouver BC.

My response to the crap posted by this smug overbearing boob is this: grow up and get in contact with economic reality. The smug poster sneering at the kid is most likely to be a civil servant-as they are most fond of that philosophy of ďif you cannot afford to live here then you should F++k OFF some place else-without bothering to NAME that mythical cheaper place! Civil servants are also fond of telling us how grateful we should feel for whatever crumbs they throw us. Civil servants and LIE-berals are setting records for bad money managing that is harming all of us and yet they insist that its OUR FAULT we are broke and unhappy due to THEIR actions!

Its also possible the smug poster is an executive in a `protected industry` and just having a bad day and is tired of dealing with us peasants and piss-ants and is blowing off some steam-you know the `protected` jobs I mean-finance, insurance, gas co, phone co, cable co-all those companies that have the power to gouge customers/suckers as necessary to ensure that profits keep rolling in so nicely!

The poster happily IGNORES reality-as in WHY the kid came to Toronto? Could be Toronto is closest to his home town and he is trying to avoid travel costs and everybody knows the less a kid spends on education the better! Could be the kid didnít get accepted into schools outside the province or decided it was too costly to travel there. The kid has to go to school some place and colleges and universities and the landlords that rent to kids ALL regard the kids as cash cows to be relentlessly MILKED so no real savings from one school to another!

Smug BOOB ignores the economic reality that Toronto is grossly costly due MAINLY due to its having WAY MORE civil servants than other cities-thanks to it being the largest city in the country and thanks to it being the provincial capitol. Civil service Hog ignores the reality that Toronto Socialist Silly Hall and Ontari-owe provincial LIE-berals are the most grossly extravagant politicians in the country! The province gives Toronto Ten dollars for every One dollar it gives to other municipalities and Silly Hall also has `revenue tools` not available to other municipalities and yet simply cannot suck up cash fast enough to keep up with debt and mad spending on entitlements!

The SMUG BOOB says: get a better paying job if you are having fiscal trouble! Oh yeah-that`s a laugh! A better paying job in our decaying economy that is now setting records for debt loads, stagnant wages, soaring taxes, record trade deficits and major unemployment! Sure, there is money just laying on any street corner waiting to be picked up-if you are a delusional and self serving civil service HOG!

And where ought the kid to go? B.C. with its even higher housing costs? Or Alberta with its massive unemployment? How about Nova Scotia as its beautiful country and housing is cheap-mainly cause there is NO WORK down there!

The kid could move to other parts of Ontari-owe-maybe to Cobourg-itís a good place if you are a personal support worker trained to deal with the aged but you better have a car as transit is non existent-and you better be able to work REAL cheap as Northumberland County is just about the poorest county in Ontari-owe!

No point in the kid coming to Oshawa as General Motors is dying-and will take much of the town and large parts of some surrounding municipalities with it! Oakville is no good as itís the richest municipality in Canada and very few people there bother renting rooms so housing is hard to get there-and costly too! With added bonus of public transit that shuts down at 9pm-in a world were most kids work late shifts so kid cannot get around without a car-and cannot afford one either!

How about Sudbury? Too bad the mining industry is near dead and not hiring.

I am thinking that what needs to be done here is to tell civil service Hogs who are bankrupting the country and making life difficult for the rest of us with their gravy train demands to F++K OFF! Nobody asked YOU to bankrupt us with entitlements! Civil service Hog who donít like the kind of pay currently on offer and are thinking of striking are free to go back where THEY came from and see how they like working in the private sector for a while-just the threat of cutting THEIR pay back to our levels is enough to have the grossly spoiled crybabies threatening VIOLENCE!

Complaining about your Hog gravy doesnít make it any easier for bankrupt private sector to provide it. The time has come to tell Hogs to shut it and stop offering hypocritical `advice` to the poor kids they are screwing over-advice that would have Hogs foaming at the mouth in rage if the shoe was on the other foot!

The next provincial election and the next set of municipal elections will be a battlefield with civil service Hogs seeking to gain control of govt and its finances. With LIE-berals getting squeezed-either LIE-berals MUST BUY Hog support-which they cannot do as there is no more money-or LIE-berals will get FIRED by angry Hogs and stupid voters who believed all those LIE-beral promises about the shower of gravy that would be available later if only they voted LIE-beral now. Hogs are enraged at being GYPPED by LIE-berals!

Either LIE-berals pay up and regain Hog support -and ruin our economy with debt and taxes-and the LIE-beral Carbon crap and trade program is the biggest scam in the history of the country- or somebody else will take over the reins of power! Hogs donít just want their gravy train MAINTAINED, they DEMAND it be EXPANDED and they are prepared to ruin the country to get what they want.

And if Toronto is such a great place then WHY do so many civil servants have country homes? They flee the POS city at every opportunity! And spend their weekends burning our environment with gas guzzling toys and GRIPING about the taxes they pay on their rural palaces! And Hogs gripe as loud as anybody about city tax rates as well- IN SPITE of HOG TOWN having real estate taxes significantly LOWER than other municipalities around GTA! Hypocrisy is the chief engineer on the civil service Gravy Train!

Itís a BAD time to be a Hog in Canada-so many angry tax payers feeling GYPPED by LIE-berals and their Hog allies! Who will be in control after the next elections? Hogs and LIE-berals all live in terror of possible answers to that question!

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