Edmonton couple charged in child abuse case

Edmonton couple charged in child abuse case

A teaser:

The Edmonton police are describing a recently-discovered abuse case of a four-year-old girl as the most horrific they have ever seen.

Police have charged a 21-year-old mother and 24-year-old stepfather of a little girl who police say was so badly abused she had to resort to drinking liquid fertilizer to quench her thirst.

"She had been handcuffed to furniture ... she was deprived of water and would pretty much drink any type of liquid that was available," police spokesperson Karen Carlson told CTV Edmonton.

"In one case, she was observed seen drinking liquid plant fertilizer. Those types of things have been ongoing for a number of years." [/end of teaser]

Sicko's. I hope they do a lot of time. Hopefully that kid gets mental health help, she will need it. Very sad. Very disturbing that her so called "parents" could do that to a 4 year old. Sick F*ckers.
When i heard this on the news last night, i almost cried. How appaling.

In addition to the handcuff to the furniture and being dehydrated to the point where she would drink water out of a flower pot, to taunt her, they would spray a water bottle in her face but not give her any water.

I hope these ****ers burn in hell. I hope that they get locked into a room in prison where various hard core prisoners get some "alone" time...and than for dinner, they get fertilizer water and a pile of shit to eat.
what a pair of...... I hope they get a very very long prision sentence. Sick bastards. I can't understand how anybody could do that to a helpless child. Sick sick sick!

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