Now there going to say its our fault

How Leftists Aid Radical Islam
The London subway bombing was never supposed to happen in Britain, according to the British left.

For years they have said the U.S. War on Terror was a fraud , and the al-Qaeda threat was made-up. Summed up in the popular BBC TV series "The Power of Nightmares," the War on Terror has been a White House scheme to dominate the world. That's the same view as Al-Qaeda's, by the way.

It's alleged that the radical left in the west has forged an alliance with radical Muslims who want to destroy the west. CBN News witnessed this strange coalition in London in 2003: a massive anti-American, anti-war demonstration by radical leftists and radical Muslims. They are two groups with seemingly nothing in common except hatred of America, capitalism, and Israel.

The Hip Hop music and the pot smoke was an odd mix with the headscarves and the Muslim call to prayer. But it got even stranger when the leftists, who had been shouting obscenities and death threats against George Bush, became reverent during the prayer.

It's a strange mix: radical leftists who hate religion and radical Muslims who want to make the whole world religious.

But much of what the left is now saying about the war on terror, Iraq, and Israel, is the same thing said by radical clerics on Arab satellite TV channels. At their joint demonstrations, the two groups speak the same language, with this claim by the head of the Muslims Association of Britain, that the Al-Qaeda threat is made up.

"And they keep talking about al-Qaeda,” said Dr. Azzam Tamimi, of the Muslim Association of Britain. “What is al-Qaeda? Any of you know what is the dimension of al-Qaeda? Isn't this a phenomenon created by George Bush and Tony Blair?"

But why would the left join with radical Muslims who hate most of their causes- like women's rights and gay rights, not to mention the radical left's lifestyle of sex, drugs, and rock- and-roll? We asked a former leader of the radical left in America.

"Leftists do not understand who they're dealing with," said David Horowitz, author of the book 'Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left.""In the real world, you say, 'You know, when these guys win, the first guys they're going to behead you.’ But leftists don't think that way. They have a kind of magical thinking. "

He says what the radical left sees is an ally in its long-running war against American Capitalism.

"Corporations are evil. There's a corporate ruling class,” he added. “And then along came these Muslims and they're blowing it up. Now, what did they blow up? They blew up Wall Street. The World Trade Center is the main target of the left. It's Wall Street. That's why Ward Churchill said they're all little Eichmanns, little Nazis. That's because in his demented view, if you're a part of the business system in America, you're killing people."

When an Iraqi news channel asked British left-wing Parliament Member George Galloway whether it would possible to unite Muslim and leftists forces globally, he answered "It is possible because the (leftist) movement around the world and the Muslims have the same enemies. Their enemies are the Zionist occupation, American occupation, (and) British occupation of ...mainly Muslim countries. They have the same interest in opposing savage capitalist globalization."

But more than capitalism, it's become an alliance against Israel, and the Jews, and with that, there's been an upswing in anti-Semitism from leftists around the world.

"A Nobel prize winner, José Saramago from Portugal, has written ream upon ream in which he says the Israelis are the new Nazis and the Jews, it's just as well that they be killed by Hitler because they're only Nazis too,” said Phyllis Chesler, author of The New Anti Semitism.

“To look at this coalition, it appears that they should be in contradiction. But they're united by common hatred of Jews, Israel, Christianity, and the West,” she added.

Stephen Schwartz, the Executive Director of the Center for Islamic Pluralism, said the new anti-Semitism running through the left is even pulling at the fringes of the Democratic party. They have all begun to believe the same conspiracy theories.

“So you have the claim that September 11 was done by Israel, the same claim that was made by Prince Nayef in Saudi Arabia,” Schwartz said. “The same claim that was made by Salam Al-Marayati of Muslim Public Affairs Council of Southern California, and the same kind of thing we're now hearing incredibly enough in the Democrat party, the claim that the Iraq war was brought about by supporters of Israel… that there's a connection between September 11 and American support for Israel.”

Last month when some House Democrats convened a mock impeachment trial of Bush, some Democrats watching the hearing on video from the Democratic National headquarters passed out literature that suggested Israel played a role on Sept. 11. After the Washington Post reported it, DNC Chair Howard Dean condemned the anti-Semitism inside his party.

Dean referred to the literature as "….vile, anti-Semitic rhetoric. The entire Democratic Party remains committed to fighting against such bigotry. "

The DNC declined to comment further.

Horowitz, who was raised a communist, says American Democrats, in their hatred of Bush and the Iraq War, have already crossed the line.

"My parents were communists; I grew up in the left,” Horowitz said. “I was a leader of the new left and the anti-Vietnam movement, and… if you compare the mindset of the left in what they think about America, it's no different than what the Daily Worker was saying 50 years ago when my parents were communists.”

“All this exaggeration over Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo, it's doing the work of al-Jazeera and Zarqawi for them. The left has conducted a psychological warfare campaign against a war that has liberated 50 million Muslims,” he said.

And some leftists have already gone into direct action. Radical leftist Attorney Lynne Stewart was convicted this year for becoming a message courier between her client, convicted terrorist Sheik Abdul Rahman, the first World Trade Center bomber, and terror groups in the Middle East.

Stewart explained to the New York Times that violence and revolution are sometimes necessary to fight the injustices of America's capitalist system. She was supported in her trial by a number of left-wing groups, including the ACLU.

The ACLU and several leftwing groups also supported former university professor Sami al-Arian when his National Coalition to Protect Political Freedom was fighting against anti-terrorist legisation. Al-arian is now on trial with 3 others in a 53-count terrrorism conspiracy indictment. Several leftists remain on the Coalition's Board of Directors.

But what will the radical left do now that radical Muslims have attacked a western city and could do it again? If the bombings in the west continue, radical leftists who have sided with radical Muslims against the war on terror could find themselves in a strange and dangerous situation

Feck you you religious feckers its your leaders doing these attacks
Nothing intelligent as that article will derail your mantra !!!

And by the way that article is not saying it's your fault.

It's saying you're driving down a road of logic and you'll put your breaks on at some point. And the others won't.

In fact they'll ram you from behind, because to them, you're closer in spirit to the West despite your rage against Bush Amerika.

You'll recall that Clinton did not do near half the damage you say Bush has and still the al Qaeda decentralized cells put a bomb in the garage of the World Trade Center and almost succeeded in bring down those twin tower 2 months in to Clinton's first term.
I also recall that the FBI helped them make that bonb Jim and i recall that Clinton is nothing but a shill for the Bush Cabal anyways
But still Clinton no where near compares to what Bush says or does. This you know too.

In fact Clinton with Tony Blair's urging to stop the genocide of muslims in Bosnia some 7 years after carnage went on in Slovenia and Croatia. All this with the morally superior Europe asleep and self righteous.

We backed the muslims there against the Greek-Russian Christian orthodox Serbs.

Too breezy a characterization of Clinton as a Bush shill.
Please inform Clinton, I'm sure he's still defining himself.

You're dismissal of the point must occur for to leave it stand would dismantle a piece of your complex belief system.

This belief system presumes that al Qaeda is striking out at the big bad Wolf, a role hardly held by Clinton for 8 years.

And he got the first attack on the World trade center.
Stop yapping and defending that moron. Go out there and stand up againist him, like more than half your country is doing. Shame on you!
Oops wrong again Jim :P I believe that this is no right or left in your system and ours the elites control and manipulate whatever politician they want in power at the time .Its afalse system there is no right or left just a bunch of empty rhetoric They all seem to be following the same agenda of a one world police state goverment with one currency .Some have just fast tracked the agenda
To Peapod:

The fact that al Qaeda attacked the world trade center before anyone even thought Bush jr was going to be the President literally 8 years later has no juice for you ?

Is this mono mania eclipsing any other observations?

Also despite agreeing about Bush's egoistic behavior as you all do, I find the passion that hates Bush is not always accurate on the complex array of facts and the issues and it seems to matter little.

Perhaps doubt and criticism should equally apply to what you believe in as in also what you hate, that the Scientific Method encourages you to find any hole in your theory, any hole in your belief.
To Jim bob,
And this has exactly WHAT! to do with invading Iraq?? Please provide the evidence (not made up) that Iraq and its civilians had anything to do with the bombing of the trade centre.

Like I said, quit yabbering and stand up with more than half of your fellow citizens and kick your greedy warmonger to the curb.
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by jimmoyer

Perhaps doubt and criticism should equally apply to what you believe in as in also what you hate, that the Scientific Method encourages you to find any hole in your theory, any hole in your belief.

This is absolutely on the money, Jim. If we don't dare to challenge our own views, it only proves they are too weak to withstand the pressure.

As soon as people start flinging mindless insults in lieu of a reasoned response, it means they have been confronted with an argument for which they have no counter-point.

I know too well the ease in which one can totally believe anything that supports their argument while disregarding anything that doesn't. I also know that I am guilty of this at time, as well as guilty of slamming Bush for everything, which is hardly necessary... he need only be slammed for his real shortcomings, to slam him for everything and anything muddles the argument, makes it less powerful, not more.
"mindless insults"?? Pea if you happen to have taken leave of that mind of yours, I would certainly buy it up in a garage sale! I think maybe you've just been

Haggis, there ya go again with the patronizing attitude. Haaagisss, we've talked about this before! Your superiority complex is showing again!

If you think Pea is being a bitch, say "Pea quit being a bitch". Don't fling those "holier than thou" judgements around and not expect anyone to answer to it.

In keeping with my philosophy about calling a spade a fecking shovel, I have spoken to you directly, as off topic as it may be. If you keep scolding people, I'll keep pointing it out. It's that simple.
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by Cosmo

If you think Pea is being a bitch, say "Pea quit being a bitch". Don't fling those "holier than thou" judgements around and not expect anyone to answer to it.

In keeping with my philosophy about calling a spade a fecking shovel, I have spoken to you directly, as off topic as it may be. If you keep scolding people, I'll keep pointing it out. It's that simple. ;)

Really? I can just say Pea is being a bitch? Funny, because I have seen endless posts from moderators saying that such comments about moderators are NOT acceptable. Please do make up your mind, then get back to me. It's that simple.
Enough already...I will start a thread meow! clawed beared.
can kittens play there too? or is this just going to be a scratching post (read scratching eyes out)
Thanks Haggis. I didn't see your post as patronizing in the slightest. You were reasoning out a point. A simple point. Nowhere near was it patronizing or scolding.

You even mentioned you yourself were guilty of it as are all of us too.

And to Peapod:
I never said Iraq was involved in 9/11.
Nor do I care one iota about defending Bush on that matter.

Most Americans care more about the issue and its solutions than being a sports fan defending or supporting one particular party or leader.

But we gotta vote just as all of you do, and the decisions are no less stupid or wiser or less informed or more informed than any other glass house country I've seen through.
Alrighty then. Let's move this over to Pea's thread and let the political debaters resume.
By the way all these observations of each others' arguments are valid, informative and are part of the thread of any debate.

Actually characterizing an argument or the process of the argument or how something is said are all germane to understanding each other better.

Avoiding personal verbal assassination is the line that should not be crossed.


I wish i could write that better without any tinge of lecturing this passionate and informed crowd.
Haggis McBagpipe
Thanks Jim, I appreciate your understanding in this matter.

As for Cosmo, well, she still hasn't explained the paradox in her suggestion that I simply 'call a spade a spade' by making a declaration that someone (specifically a moderator) is a bitch when by doing so I could be banned, as per forum rules and as per previous examples of people who dared speak out against a moderator. Perhaps getting me banned is the whole idea, though, and if so, how funny.

Further, a) I do not think Pea is a bitch, far from it, and would resent Cosmo's suggestion if it were not such a silly one, and b) I thought Pea's insults were mindless, yes, but chose - wisely, I think - not to make my response a personal attack but rather a general remark (since all of us can be guilty of such things).

Perhaps if the moderators would refrain themselves from making personal attacks they would then seem less hypocritical when they ban regular members for such transgressions. Is that direct enough for you, Cosmo? Or does it slip from 'calling a spade a spade' into the murky area of a bannable comment?

Off-topic, but I think it was missed in the other thread: If BlueAlberta does, in fact, now live here as Musicman, is this not something that should be handled privately rather than becoming a public free-for-all round of insults? Further, to announce the city location of a member's IP address is inappropriate at best, and a flagrant abuse of forum rules.
Explained in the other thread, Haggis.
Jim your just buying the goverments bullshit The FBI has been proven to have there fingers all over the first bombing of the trade towers but you keep arguing it was the muslims ,you live to close to CIA headquarters for anybody to believe anthing you say and you never back up your arguements with facts just spin and more questions kind of like how the CIA works

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