Rogers Hi-speed connection

Kevin Johnson
I am extremely pleased with Rogers, it's quality and speed. However there is a technical bug that they or I seem able to correct. The self healing software reports that I am not connected. Rogers report that they cannot communicate with my computer, and that other software and or firewalls are preventing this. It is necessary to use IE to make the connection and once logged on, I can then use the Roger's Browser which I prefer. Occassionally Rogers asks you to logon as a security, in the middle of a session. I cannot do this from the RogersBrowser as I said it demms me not connected, so I hve to window over to IE and login.
I have checked all the firewalls, and am at a lose as to why I'm obviously connected, but Roger's says I am not. Has anyone had a similar experience and how they resolved it.

Secondly, can you move the cablemodem from one computer to another, if for example there was a computer failure, without hiccups?

to fix your login problem with rogers high speed. Just don't install there software.

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