Problems with motorola cybersurfr (Rogers hi-speed)

Hey, as usual rogers tech support is unable to assist me. I'm having serious trouble with my modem. Out of the blue it starts malfunctioning, the cable light in the middle starts blinking slowly and I lose all connectivity to the internet. Downloads stop in the middle of the night etc.

The only thing that works is going into network connections via control panel and doing "repair" to get the connection going again, it usually happens instantly. I don't know how the cable light has anything to do with the connection to my computer, but it somehow does obviously.

My nic seems to be operating fine.. Does anyone please have any other ideas? Thanks in advance.
Andem, try getting rogers to come out and repair your modem or give you a new one (preferable). Since you have no control over the modem it's self, you can't repair it yourself etc.

If they dont wanna do that, just cancel their service. Simple as that.
Urghm, sorry.. Must have forgotten to login, last post by me =-)
Hit it with a broom. It should work fine after that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cyberm4n

Hit it with a broom. It should work fine after that.

ROFLMFAO.. I'm sure that wouldn't really help matters

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