Anyone see the news story about the Alberta man who received an $85,000 cellphone bill from Bell Mobility? LMFAO! Apparently he was using his cellphone as an Internet modem for his personal computer. You know, downloading tunes and high resolution videos from the Internet on his cellphone and transferring them to his home PC. lol.

How could anyone be so stupid?

According to the little blurb in the local paper, he thought he was getting a deal by paying Bell Mobility $10 per month for Internet access on his cellphone. I suppose he figured he had no bandwidth cap.!!!! ROFLMFAO!!

He's blaming Bell Mobility, saying they should have notified him that his bill was rising so high. He says that he's going to fight the bill. It's going to be interesting to see how it turns out. Though I wouldn't be holding my breath if I were him. He probably hasn't a leg to stand on.

There's some merit in the adage: If it sounds too good to be true, read the contract! I feel for ya, Piotr. I really do. lol.
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