Jackson sued over record contract


Michael Jackson stayed in Bahrain three years ago

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Jackson sued over record contract


Pop star Michael Jackson is facing a 5m legal action for allegedly breaking a recording and entertainment contract with the King of Bahrain's son.

Sheikh Abdulla Bin Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa's action is being heard at the High Court in London.

The royal became a close friend of Mr Jackson during his six-month stay in Bahrain three years ago.

The dispute comes just days after the singer had to give up his Neverland ranch due to financial problems.


The Sheikh claims that proceeds from the recording deal would enable Jackson to pay back loans he gave the star to help him out of financial difficulties.

Mr Jackson has said the payments were gifts and details of a project were never finalised.

In 2006, plans were announced for the star to release a new album on a label based in the Gulf state and owned by the Sheikh.
During the previous year, a Bahraini official said Mr Jackson was staying in the country "to relax" shortly after being cleared of child abuse charges in the US.

Jeez, why don't they try and get a few million from OJ while they're at it...... they got about as much luck.
What a bizarre looking creature it is!
when the sheikh sues, it's not even remotely for the money.
Wow, who would of thought that aliens really existed?

Oh wait. It's just Michael Jackson.

Maybe he should have sued MJ when he actually had money. He won't be getting much of anything out of him now.

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