Rwandan wants to be tried in Canada for inciting war crimes


Mugesera wants to be tried in Canada News Staff

Leon Mugesera wants to be tried in Canada rather than Rwanda, after the Supreme Court of Canada ordered him to be deported to his homeland to stand trail for crimes against humanity.

"I'm not afraid of the courts," Mugesera told reporters in French Wednesday during a press conference in Montreal. "I have never tried to flee justice."

Mugesera was a district vice-president of the hardline Hutu party Mouvement republicain nationale pour la democratie et developpement.

In 1992 he made a speech during a political rally inciting violence against the Tutsi minority.

Addressing 1,000 party members, Mugesera was quoted telling the crowd they should kill Tutsis and "dump their bodies into the rivers of Rwanda."

Mugesera and his family moved to Canada in 1993 as refugees, where they settled in Quebec.

In Rwanda, violence continued to escalate until the 1994 genocide of over 800,000 Tutsis. It was part of a horrific campaign of ethnic-cleansing.

The Supreme Court ruling states that "given the context of the ethnic massacres taking place, he knew his speech would be understood as an incitement to commit murder."

Mugesera's lawyer Guy Bertrand said his client's speech "was not broadcast on television or on the radio."

He also suggested Mugesera could face the death penalty when he is tried in Rwanda, despite any protests from Canada. If this is the case, Mugesera could not be tried there.

"I can tell you, as soon as he gets to the airport, we will never hear of Mr. Mugesera again," Bertrand told reporters.

However, Rwanda officials have reportedly said they will not impose the death penalty if Mugesera is convicted.

"We are happy with the decision and we are ready to make any necessary guarantee that any party would require, including that this man would not face the death penalty," Rwandan Deputy Chief Prosecutor Martin Ngoga told the Associated Press.

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled 8-0 that there is evidence to support claims Mugesera incited genocide in the east-African country more than a decade ago.

Reverend Blair
We should try him here. He appears to have lied on his paperwork and may reveal corrupt Canadian officials. After that we should ship him to Rwanda to be tried there.
Is it worth it?
Jo Canadian
I think the bugger should be sent back.

It's only fair to be tried in the country you're from for crimes you committed there. It seems he would rather take a slap on the wrists from us rather than facing the punisment he knows he deserves. Although Rev has a good plan, double whammy! I just wonder if it's worth the money to try him here.
Send the bastard back. If he's found guilty, I hope he gets Death By Machete.

Let the punishment fit the crime.
Jo Canadian
Quote: Originally Posted by snoproblem

Send the bastard back. If he's found guilty, I hope he gets Death By Machete.

Let the punishment fit the crime.

To have the punishment fit the crime: Death By Machete...and rape.

That was a big consequence to his actions besides mutilations.
Since he is up on "crimes against Humanity" charges he should be tried here. (even though I think he is guilty, he will have at least a fair trial here)

I only say that because In all reality he will not get a fair trial in Rawanda, if he even lives long enough to get to trial. Or if he is not tried here send him to the World Court in the Hague where Milosevic is.

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