should he be charged with battery?

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Man used shoe batteries for height — not bombs
By ROB LAMBERTI, Toronto Sun
Last Updated: April 20, 2010 8:22pm

A man’s vanity came undone when security guards at Pearson International’s Terminal One departure area asked him to take off his shoes early Tuesday.
Theyfound batteries stuffed inside the 27-year-old man’s shoes.
Suspecting an attempt to attack the plane headed for Chicago’s O’Hare airport, the man was taken into custody without incident by Peel police at 8:47 a.m.
But after between five and six hours, while being grilled by police and other security services, they realized that the man was using the batteries as lifts, to make himself look taller, a police source said.
The source couldn’t confirm reports that the man also had unspecified items that could be considered shrapnel in one of his shoes.
“He was wearing batteries as a lift,” the source said incredulously.
Officially, police won’t comment about the incident, but media from across North America are calling Peel police for details.
“He was thoroughly checked and rechecked,” a source said. “When we realized it wasn’t for a criminal reason, they let him go.”
Police said the man was released unconditionally.

should he be charged with battery?
He should be taken to the RCMP "K" division where they are famous for hooking a wire to a door knob which is attached to a metal claw which would attached to his knob and connect his battery to it and he will never do it again
OH MY GOD.......'s good to see that they are on their toes...... Can you imagine the devatation that could have taken place if he had been allowed on the plane? The mind reels.
No taserings? How boring.

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