Hacker "Cool"

Ocean Breeze

branching out , are they??
Thanks, Ocean ... ... Back to full paranoid mode for me!

Good article. It makes sense that hackers would go for a challenge. To tell the truth, I've been a bit paranoid for a while. I've stopped doing any banking or anything confidential online just for that reason. My computer has been returned to something I play on rather than the workhorse it was for a few years.

It can't be all that difficult to foil antivirus software since I know I have to download updates constantly for mine. And even a dumb ass like me who knows little about computers can change my IP or send untraceable email, so I can imagine what someone with a bit of knowledge can do.

Makes ya wonder, eh? Some people really do have too much time and ego.
I have always been suspicious that these Anti Virus companies create some virus's to keep their business going.. I am not surprised they are going after "anti virus" software. That is a benifit of running windows...