M*A*S*H* star Harry Morgan dead at 96


M*A*S*H* star Harry Morgan, who played Colonel Sherman T. Potter, dead at 96 | Arts | National Post

*A*S*H star Harry Morgan died at his home in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning. The character actor was 96.

He was best known for playing Colonel Sherman T. Potter on the long-running army comedy.

In a 2004 interview with the The Television Academy Foundation’s Archive of American Television, Morgan acknowledged the profound effect that the iconoclastic sitcom had on his career.

“He was firm,” Morgan said. “He was a good officer and he had a good sense of humour. I think it’s the best part I ever had. I loved playing Colonel Potter.”

Although M*A*S*H made him a television icon, Morgan first came to attention for his role as Officer Bill Gannon, Joe Friday’s partner on the revived version of Dragnet, which aired on NBC from 1967-70.

Morgan’s ironically gruff demeanor made him an in-demand character actor for nearly five decades.

He appeared in supporting roles in over 100 films, many of them classics such as The Ox-Bow Incident, High Noon, and Inherit the Wind.
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R.I.P. Harry Morgan.

96 is a ripe old age to live to though.
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R.I.P. Harry Morgan.

96 is a ripe old age to live to though.

It was a Really Great Show.
M.A.S.H. was one of, if not the, greatest comedies ever. Classic and classy.
Until Alan Alda got involved in production, and it got all preachy.
I remember seeing him in so many movies from way way back, and MASH was great.

A grand old age to be, R I P Henry Morgan, you gave us joy.
Overall though, for a show that was on for that long, more hits than misses, I think.
Yeah Henry Morgan was great.

My favorite episode is when he shot the Jeep like a wounded horse.

Couldn't find that one, but this one will do.

MASH - There's a long long trail S4E2 - YouTube
I don't think I missed one show, it was great. Harry Morgan rest in peace.
Ron in Regina
I loved MASH, and I hate to say it, but I thought Henry
Morgan passed away decades ago. Whoops....

Guess he kept a low profile. If he'd been showing up
at award shows, wearing a miniskirt with no underwear,
etc....I guess I would'a heard something about him in the
last 20-30 years.

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Rest in peace, Mr. Morgan.

At least by living to age 96 he was able to enjoy a long and fruitful life.

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