Congressman Barney Franks announces retirement!

After siting and over looking the swindle of the US taxpayers for years Barney is rumored to be on the verge of being indicted along with former Senator Chris Dodd. Another rumor has it Barney wants to leave before his Male Escort service operated out of his Congressional Office goes belly-up due to economy issues. Whatever, the US will finally be rid of another crook. Hopefully Congress woman Maxine waters will go next! Hopefully more frauds who serve in the US Congress will follow and get out!
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Who else but Rush should have a crack at this douchebag?

RUSH: So Barney Frank is retiring from Congress. He's not going to seek reelection. He's gonna announce it in less than an hour -- well, he's announced it. He's gonna tell us why in less than an hour. I've been looking into this, and the basic reason, well, it's partly to spend more time with the family. (laughing) What family? I don't know, folks. Figure it out. It's a redistricting thing. His district has been rewritten in such a way that he probably could not win it is what really has gone down there and that's pretty much it. I don't know what he's gonna say. He's not gonna say that as the reason. But as far as I'm concerned, good riddance. If there is a name that is singularly attached to this economic collapse via the subprime mortgage fiasco, it's Barney Frank, along with Chris Dodd as well and most elements of the Democrat Party back in the Clinton years moving forward.


Good Riddance, "Subprime" Barney Frank - The Rush Limbaugh Show

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