Star Trek Voyager and me

Well some of you may know I'm a sci-fi fan. I like Star Trek, Star Wars and really a big fan of Babylon 5 (for it's realism). Now at work I have moved onto supervising a new team with someone who likes the same stuff as me and we get into big geek debates on which capt is better and which shows are better and why and all that nerdie type stuff.

He loves Star Trek Voyager and I hate it... Now if you know me I'm pretty progressive, yet moderate enough not to be a gun hater or a tree hugger. Now the reason I hate Voyager may be offensive to some of you Pinkos out their but personally I was somewhat offended by the show.

Don't take me wrong I like poltical correctness and I believe in equility and all but at soem point political correctness falls in on itself and turns into what it is against.

For instance Star Trek Voyager is the proff of this.
I'll lable the command crew and a brief history of them. Well not really history but a point.

1.Capt Janway (White Female Capt)
2.Com Chakotay (Male Native American former rebal)
3.LT-com Tuvok (Male Black Vulcon)
4.Lt Torres (Black Female half Klingon/human former rebal)
5.En Kin (Asian male)
6.En Paris (WHITE MALE former CONVICT, former LT got demoted to EN)

And well a holograph DR almost beats out MR Paris as he has DR's authority and commend abilities too. But I thought I'd be nice.

Does anyone also see a problem here? Isn't Star Trek voyager a little too extreme? Lets just say we made a change and the first black person in commend was 6th down and a former convict wouldn't you think that would be a little racists? But to have the first white male 6th down and to be a former convict at the same time is a little too P.C.

Anyhow thats my little rant on star trek voyager.
I think not
Generally speaking all of Star Trek has been very PC. And I liked Voyager moreso than TNG (still debating that one perhaps). They had many episodes and alien races I liked. Species 8472 is one prime example, they could actually kick the Borgs ass. lol.

And 7 of 9 has a set of breasts I dream about. :P
ITN, yes they have all been PC for their times, but Voyager to me was going into the realm of extreme PC.

for best Star Treks it goes something like this for me. TNG, DS9, Enterprise, Voyager, TOS.
Johnny Utah
Quote: Originally Posted by I think not

Generally speaking all of Star Trek has been very PC. And I liked Voyager moreso than TNG (still debating that one perhaps). They had many episodes and alien races I liked. Species 8472 is one prime example, they could actually kick the Borgs ass. lol.

And 7 of 9 has a set of breasts I dream about. :P

Resistance is futile! :P
I'd let her stimulate me any night... I mean assimilate.
I never cared much for Voyager, or anything after TNG, except for maybe a bit of Explorer. The reason being was that after the 3rd season (right?) of TNG, Gene R. died, so other people took over the show. And THAT is when it became so obviously PC. They started to do things in order to be PC, but w/ Gene, that's just how he made it to begin w/, he was really concerned with the showing being PC, he was concerned w/ making a good show. I think that's why all the other Star Treks after TNG weren't as good.
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To get back on topic, I like Star Trek: Voyager[/color]. The continuity in terms of the storyline was a welcomed departure, for me, from the episode-to-episode trend of Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation. As for Seven of Nine, I think that she was only there to garner a male audience her first episodes were "crap", in my opinion; only later on did she start to truly come into her character. The producers and writers could easily have turned Seven into the ship's "whore", so to speak, and I'm glad they didn't.
I won't rest until I find at least one more person who will agree with me that Voyager was way too extreme with the political Correctness.
see, the big debate I see is this:

would the borg ever be able to assimalate the founders from DS9?

lol...I just like the borg, cant stand the dominion or anyother psuedo-baddy////the borg are the daddy
I'm not sure if the borg could assimalate a founder... Plus we have seen founders as space beings able to funtion in space. If enough of them got together formed a shiped and chomped away on a borg vessal I think they could do some good damager. As for the rest of the dominion. Considering there resources being much creater then the federation and there tech being somewhat better too I think they'd be able to keep off a borg invasion pretty well. Plus with the founders being able to go into a vessal pretty much undetected they could do a lot of harm this way too.

Of course we should also take into consideration the disappearance of a very large dominion fleet at the end of the Fed/Kling/Rom v. Dominion wars, which may have impacted the Dominions ability at least slightly. Also with the end of the Dominion war the Federation has been greatly weakened and so has almost every power. But also considering the borg have had many set backs as well it would appear that because of the general disorder of the current "cannon" universe almost everyrace is pretty much at the same level as they were in power structure as before the dominion wars. Perhaps the power effected the most would be the dominion itself with the lose of such a big fleet. However we have to remember how strong it was before and how relitively strong it would still be.

Considering the amount of ships in that fleet were most likely smaller assult vessals.

One of the few powers not effected by conflics were the Ferangi alliance, in which star ships have proven to be at par with the ferderations. However it has never been guessed to how many ships the alliance currently has. I would also guess the Ferangi would only enter a war they would be push overs to win.

Anyhow on that note, Voyager sucks.

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