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Are there any Doctor Who fans in the house?

I actually discovered Doctor Who only once Iíd watched the Children of Earth mini-season of Torchwood (which was absolutely fabulous, by the way). I wasnít the biggest fan of Chris Eccleston, but David Tennant is fantastic as The Doctor (and also quite attractive, in an odd, British sort of way). Are there any other fans of the Doctor Whoniverse here at Canadian Content? Any favourite seasons, episodes, companions, antagonists?

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I've been watching Dr Who when its been on since the 60's and i'm really glad they brought the series back,didnt like Chris Eccleston as he never stopped smiling, Tennant is one of the best doctors i've seen but i heard he was moving on and a new doc is coming.I think the Dr Who series isnt as big a deal over here as it is in England because most kids just dont get the British humor and the dalects and cybermen just cant compare with the likes of the transformers etc.
In my opinion, the Cybermen and the Daleks beat the pants off the Transformers anyday. Transformers don't scare children. The Daleks and the Cybermen do.

Earlier this year, Guinness World Records named Doctor Who the world's most successful sci-fi series.

It's also the world's longest-running sci-fi series, having been on our screens since 1963. Star Trek didn't come along until 1966.

The new series - series 31 - returns next year with Matt Smith as the 11th - and youngest ever - Doctor. The first episode of the new series will be episode number 754. If you get all the episodes on DVD you'll need to keep them in a library.

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Peter Capaldi stepping down as Doctor Who | TV | Entertainment | Toronto Sun
So now we're going to have speculation as to who's going to be the next Doctor at the same time as speculation mounts as to who's going to be the new Bond.

Who is hotly tipped to be the Thirteenth Doctor?

Doctor Who: Who could replace Peter Capaldi?

31 January 2017
BBC News

Peter Capaldi has announced he's to leave Doctor Who - meaning the search is on for his replacement.

Capaldi is bowing out at Christmas 2017 after four years in the role. His successor will become the Thirteenth Doctor. But who could it be?

The bookmakers' favourites include Ben Whishaw - Q in the James Bond films - who has the required combination of geekiness and eccentricity. However, the last time the vacancy arose, he said: "I donít think you can be Q and Doctor Who. It would be a bit wrong."

Another popular choice would be The IT Crowd's Richard Ayoade - although he may be tied up presenting The Crystal Maze comeback on Channel 4.

Homeland and Supergirl actor David Harewood played Joshua Naismith in the 2009 Doctor Who Christmas special The End of Time. Outgoing Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat has spoken of his desire for a non-white actor, and said the role had been offered to an unnamed black actor in the past.

Is it time for the first female Doctor? Olivia Colman could be a good choice - and worked with incoming show boss Chris Chibnall on Broadchurch. Perhaps her Broadchurch co-star David Tennant - also known as the Tenth Doctor - could return as her assistant.

Maxine Peake, known for TV's The Village and Silk, is a hugely versatile actress who would bring both steel and wit to the role.

Rory Kinnear is another of the bookmakers' favourites - the Penny Dreadful and The Casual Vacancy actor was strongly linked with the role before Capaldi replaced Matt Smith in 2013.

Sacha Dhawan could be another contender. His previous credits include An Adventure in Space and Time, a docudrama created for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary in 2013.

From Harry Potter to Doctor Who? Emma Watson's name has been linked with the role and would be a popular choice.

Conviction and Agent Carter star Hayley Atwell revealed on Twitter in 2015 that she would like to be The Doctor.

Tim Roth, who was seen on BBC TV in Rillington Place and Reg last year, has previously said he would be "all for" taking over the Tardis.

Merlin star Colin Morgan topped a fan poll to play the Doctor after Matt Smith left in 2013. And one of his first acting roles was in a 2008 Doctor Who episode.

Doctor Who: Who could replace Peter Capaldi? - BBC News
Could the next Doctor Who be a woman? David Tennant backs Olivia Colman | TV | E
Quote: Originally Posted by spaminator View Post

Could the next Doctor Who be a woman? David Tennant backs Olivia Colman | TV | E

They've been saying that about Bond as well: "The new Bond must be black! Or she must be female! Or Bond should be a black lesbian Muslim paraplegic transgendered Remain-supporting Lib Dem!"
Think I'll just go see if I can find all the old tom baker reruns
should have forgotten most of them by now

he also had some nice female co leads too
Quote: Originally Posted by Danbones View Post

Think I'll just go see if I can find all the old tom baker reruns
should have forgotten most of them by now

he also had some nice female co leads too

The Fourth Doctor was famous for eating Liquorice Allsorts and Jelly Babies. He even offered the sweets to aliens he encountered. The Doctor has always been eccentric, no matter what incarnation he has. He's very British, of course. You can't imagine Captain Kirk offering a Zorg a Jelly Baby.

I feel like Capaldi's time was too short... is it really 4 seasons? I loved him so much.

I couldn't even speculate who the next will be... because I never would have guessed Capaldi. But I doubt it would be Richard Ayoade, as much as I would love that. And if it's Colin Morgan... I am done. That kid can't act his way out of a paper bag. I would be ok with a female... but she would have to be quirky enough to fit the part.
Capaldi has said he wants a female Doctor next, just to be all PC. If they do go for a female Doctor I think they should go for former Coronation Street actress Michelle Keegan:

Naw... she isn't interesting enough... she is all body and looks with no substance. Not Doctor Who material.
Plus... like most Corrie cast ... she can barely act

I would love it to be Hannah Murray... but she is caught up in GOT rt now.
No. Karl Pilkington should be the new Doctor and his dwarf mate Warwick Davis should be his sidekick. They were great in Chingari:
'Doctor Who' newbie Pearl Mackie to play first gay companion | TV | Entertainmen
Quote: Originally Posted by spaminator View Post

'Doctor Who' newbie Pearl Mackie to play first gay companion | TV | Entertainmen

Needless political correctness gone mad which will only result in the ruination of a great show and a loss of millions of viewers.

The BBC will ruin Doctor Who just like it ruined its other great, globally-watched show, Top Gear.

As well as the queeryfying of Doctor Who, there are some good things to look forward to in the upcoming Series 36. The Mondasian Cybermen make their first appearance for 50 years...

... and these happy-looking chaps also make an appearance...

As well as the new series of Doctor Who, there is also to be a spin-off film starring the Doctor's robotic doggy pal, K9. The film, called K9: TimeQuake, sees K9 facing off against classic Doctor Who villain Omega (who first appeared in 1973) in deep space...

New 'Doctor Who' companion Pearl Mackie to get the boot after one season | TV |
Peter Capaldi: New 'Doctor Who' season 'a return to the early days' | Doctor Who
Former 'Doctor Who' star Karen Gillan says a female Doctor 'would be cool' | TV

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