School Days.....

Having been educated in Quebec, in the English system, all through grades one to eleven (elementary - high school) we started the day after Labour Day and finished the last week day of June.
My query is that we never had anything close to PED days or March Break or more than a week off between Christmas and New Year's. I know that there are also other days off that at the moment have escaped me.
And we had a dress code that if not followed could be disastrous.
Is this exclusive to Ontario or does it occur in other provinces?

Just wondering if anyone has been in my shoes and wants to know what changed, and why.
i went to boarding school in the UK. we had three terms, each with a 1-week half-term holiday and two nominated weekends when you could go home. The school uniform was grey and borting so i wore a blue sweater over the top until the staff stopped complaining about it. Then it went bankrupt.

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