More charges in the Jane Creba investigation

CTV News
Police have charged a fourth person with murder and attempted murder in a brazen Boxing Day shootout that killed a teenage bystander and left six others wounded.

and the first 3 will get 2 years minus 3 for one while awaiting trial..they will be out the day they are sentenced...Oh the 4th "of age guy will go for say 6 years minus 3 for one waiting..he'll be out a year after conviction....
What upsets me most about this is Jane's grandfather was Glenn Creba who commanded MTB 463 of the 29th Canadian Motor Torpedo Boat Flotilla in the channel. On February 14 1945 the 29th was berthed inside Ostend Harbour. A sheet of flame suddenly ignited in the harbour as the result of of the highly volitile fuel used by the MTBs having been dumped at the mouth of the channel. Before an alarm could be raised the boats were caught in the inferno with their crews below deck. For two terrible hours fuel tanks burst, and missles of exploding amunition and the cries of the men filled the air. Twenty - eight Canadians and thirty - five British sailors had been killed. Glenn Creba and his boat 463 survived.
The senior officer of the 29th C. Anthony Law wrote a book called "White Plumes Astern and this poem about that incident I think applies here:

" the raging of the treacherous seas
Long the arch enemy of the M.T.B.'s
Now ceases to hold us in its spell
As we hear the tale of Ostend Hell,
The truth of cause will be remote,
and intrigue will lend its tragic note,
Here today and gone tomorrow,
As mothers and sweethearts shrink in sorrow,
but above it all is heard the cry,
Oh God, the everlasting question, WHY?"

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