The Betrayal Of The New York Times

The Betrayal Of The New York Times

The New York Times (NYT) decision to publish the Terrorist Finance Tracking Program, whose goal is to identify terrorists networks through the use of financial data, is totally irresponsible and will seriously harm the war against global terror.

By this action, the NYT has converted its centuries old logo from, "All The News That Are Fit To Print" to All The News That Are Fit To Betray America.
But wont that just show a whole $hit load of money coming from the Boston-area and heading strait for the coffers of those lovely bomb-loving-child-murdering-bill-dodging IRA people? hehe
New York Times 2006

New York Times 1945

This is a joke obviously, but whats the difference? If this had been real I wouldnt have been surprised at all. Once again The Al Qaeda times throws an ally of the U.S. to the wolves, all under the guise of public interest.

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