Olympic ceremonies Vancouver?

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The opening or closing ceremonies of the 2010 winter Olympic Games in Vancouver.. What would you like them to be? Artistically? culturally?. etc. What should be portrayed? Who? Songs? Performers? Culture? Nature?

I enjoyed the opening and closing ceremonies in Torino. A little 'over the top' but the Italians can get away with it as it's part of their heritage. How should we portray ourselves to the world?
I think we did a pretty good job.
No one got beat up or tazed by the cops anyways.
Um, Kakato, the opening ceremonies haven't started yet. lol
Harry Hayfield
I would like to see a combination of opening and closing ceremonies

Opening Ceremony
Introduction to host area (History): Salt Lake City (especially as most people do not know the history of Western Canada)
Introduction to host area (Current): Nagano (with reference to a modern Canada)
Parade of Nations: Nagano (each nations flag was printed on a wooly jumper worn by a child from that nation)
Raising of the Olympic Flag and Host Nations Flag: Turin (that version of the Italian National Anthem was marvellous)
Lighting of the Olympic Flame: Lake Placid and Turin (a flame that travels around the stadium and a cauldron that rises in the air so that it can be seen outside the Vancouver Stadium)

Closing Ceremony
Handover of the Flag: Salt Lake City
That seems reasonable to me. Maybe include a snowball fight in there somewhere, too. And a dunk tank for politicians.
Kakato, what's with all the necroposting today? You've been managing to dog out all sorts of old dead threads.

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