Cell phone took a dip - looking for Fido-capable phone

My phone took a semi-fatal dive into a glass of water this week, and it's looking like it just won't recover. I'm on Fido's service, and I'd like to stay there. The only problem is that they don't have any of the phones I like. I'd like to get one of the Motorola Razr V3's, but no one in the area seems to stock them. (I hear it may be a Rogers phone in this area.) So if I wanted a non-Fido phone to use on Fido... how do I go about a) purchasing it and b) making it work? If the V3 won't fly, what should I look into?

Sorry about the newbie question, but I can't find anything that covers this on the board.
The V3 is on Rogers. You can either :
a) Buy it from Rogers and unlock the phone to make it work with Fido.
b) Buy the unlocked ones from overseas.


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