Who should get to host the 2012 Olympic Games

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Madrid 2 18.18%
Paris 1 9.09%
London 2 18.18%
New York 1 9.09%
Moscow 0 0%
Don't Care 5 45.45%
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I think not
In its first technical report on the 2012 Summer Olympics, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) awarded Paris and Madrid the overall highest marks. Madrid rated highest in five of eleven categories, while Paris rated highest on security, accommodation and the Olympic Village. London, while also receiving top marks for security, was criticised for its ‘obsolete’ rail transport system. New York City scored highly in most technical aspects but the IOC detected a lack of local support for the Games.

Here are links to the candidate cities websites.

New York

So who do you think should get them and why?
Madrid because I'm going there sooner or later and it would make a great excuse to go
I've always thought sports were a waste of money....

I think I stand alone on that though.

I'm going to pick Paris, as they haven't been in the news much lately.
I think not
Well I would prefer for selfish reasons, construction boom!:P
Whats with hunters not being into sports Jay?yet you call yourselves sportsman
Quote: Originally Posted by mrmom2

Whats with hunters not being into sports Jay?yet you call yourselves sportsman

If the partridge had guns too, I would consider it a sport....
Personally I think Paris or London will get them. Although I would like Madrid to get them.

New York is toast due to the "Anti-American" sentiment out there, especially with the going on's in Iraq and Gitmo. The Olympic committee is very political and will play a role in who gets the games.

Also North America (Canada) gets the 2010 winter games, so Europe will more than likely get 2012 summer games.
Paris, Because its a beautiful city, it'd be nice if olympics came there and its kinda close to my country