Hey what tha hell is going on!

Hey what tha hell is going on!
I am interested in writing in because I have to write a ten page paper by next week on my feelings on legalizing marijuana. And as much as I'd like to say i am all for it, I thought about it and i just cant. I won't be able to go through it if i had made the law, people... it is all on them, what they are going to do while it is out and in affect with the world. What if bad shit comes along, can everyone really put there foot down and still handel their buiseness. I hope so.
How many live's do you know of personaly that have been adversely effected by pot smoking compared to those that have had their live's ruined through booze? Personally I know of no one that's had any real longterm ill effect's just because someone in their family smoked pot but I know of many families that have had horrible experiances because someone in their families drank too much.
It should of been legalized years ago.
i am the only one that find it ironic that the governement want to legalize marijuana and do everything it can to ban... cigarettes ?
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i am the only one that find it ironic that the governement want to legalize marijuana and do everything it can to ban... cigarettes ?

Well less people smoking so maybe if they decriminalize it they will legalize it.

They will have to get a new source of tax revenue once all us smokers quit or die. So they really have two choices: Legalize marijuana and collect tax off it or have a "fat tax" for fast food and junk food as obesity is the next up and coming health epidemic.
There's absolutely no reason to legalize pot. And there's very little reason to have it for medicinal reasons. I spoke to a doctor and they said that it's not the best pain killer, and smoking it is not the most efficient way to get absorbed by the blood stream.

Why should Canada legalize pot? So that greasy burn out teenagers can get high without worrying about getting a criminal record?
Of course it's not the best pain killer, I'd say morphine is the best pain killer, which is extremely addictive. Junkies can get their fix from it. While marijuanna you have enough, you get stoned, and it wears off, at least you're not rendered (completely) uesless and you don't end up dependant on the drug.

And for the cigarette problem, there is a lot of ingredients and poisons in cigarettes that is the reason for the harshness of the governments attitude. (Remember, it's three different governments going after it, municipal, provincial, and federal.) I'm sure if cigarettes were a little more clean/organic or whatever you would call it, people would be more lenient. Pure marijuanna doesn't have a lot of crap that makes you dependant on consuming a product, unlike cigarettes, which cause the purchase of the product to make tons of money for a company that made it addictive in the first place. Pure tobacco (with a filter) is a lot safer than what you're actually smoking.

As for legalizing pot, I would say someone intoxicated with marijuanna is just as much a danger to society as a drunk, of course this is assuming each person has the same proportioned ratio of each substance. And lets be serious, it's not like pot will be legal and the world will be all happy, the House of Commons is going to have to make laws around it, as there are with alcohol.

In the end I would say it would be a step towards security of the person, as well as financially for the government (spend less money trying to uphold marijuanna laws and make more money selling and taxing it.) Overall this is a pretty stupid issue that has been wasting the governments time, and keeping them from more important issues, be what they may. I say legalize it, control it like they do alcohol. Though it would most likely remain a federal matter, I would say sell it at SAQ's or LCBO's or whatever you have in your province, and everyone will be happy. Don't smoke and drive.
Why not make it legal, and use police resources to do something constructive. Pot is a social problem like drinking, and it should be pretty clear by now, society cannot legislate social morality.
Personally I don't smoke, and I rarely drink anymore.
Its like telling kids they can't smoke, all you do is cut off communication with them.
People will always smoke and some will always drink, collect the tax money and be quiet.

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