'I GOT A LITTLE GETTING EVEN TO DO': O.J. Simpson joins Twitter hours after 25th anniversary of murders
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June 15, 2019
June 15, 2019 11:31 AM EDT
O.J. Simpson appears at an evidentiary hearing in Clark County District Court in Las Vegas, on May 16, 2013.Steve Marcus / Getty Images / Pool / Files
Incredibly, O.J. Simpson has joined Twitter just two days after the 25th anniversary of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.
The disgraced former football star, who was infamously acquitted of the grisly June 12, 1994 killings of Nicole and Ron, was later convicted of armed robbery in 2008 and served nine years in a Nevada prison, being released on parole in October 2017.
At just about midnight ET on Friday night, June 14, a tweet came out from O.J. from the username @TheRealOJ32. “If you don’t see it here, I didn’t say it,” his account read.
The shameless former prisoner also shared a 22-second selfie video in which he slammed the fake O.J. accounts on social media: “Coming soon to Twitter, you’ll get to read all my thoughts and opinions on just about everything,” he begins.
“Now there’s a lot of fake O.J. accounts out there, so this one, @TheRealOJ32 is the only official one. So, it should be a lot of fun.” The 72-year-old added with a smile, “I got a little getting even to do. This should be fun. So God Bless, take care.”
The bizarre post had one follower responding, “I got a little gettin’ even to do” uh again?” O.J.’s social media launch came right after the news media marked the 25th anniversaries of Nicole and Ron’s deaths on Wednesday.
In 1995, a Los Angeles jury declared O.J. “not guilty” of their stabbing deaths at the end of the infamous “trial of the century.”
After serving his time for the armed robbery conviction which involved a botched memorabilia heist, O.J. now lives in Las Vegas, where he says he plays golf often with “retired guys.”
In 1997, the former pro athlete was found liable in a civil court case concerning the Nicole/Ron double homicide.
These days, O.J.’s parole officer allows him to take short trips to Florida to visit his children Justin and Sydney, whose late mom was Nicole. His oldest daughter, Arnelle, from his first marriage, lives with him in Las Vegas.
“I’ve been to Florida two or three times to see the kids and my old buddies in Miami,” O.J. said. “I even managed to play a game of golf with them. But I live in a town I’ve learned to love. Life is fine.”
Now, he’ll be able to share his life and opinions on Twitter with “fans.”
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