Shots fired at Willowdale home of Toronto city councillor
Joe Warmington
April 4, 2019
April 4, 2019 9:19 PM EDT
Toronto city councillor John Filion.Ernest Doroszuk / Toronto Sun
This city has seen both innocent babies and seniors shot at.
We have had churches riddled with bullets, as well as schools, bars, restaurants, malls and funeral homes — not to mention innocent people on our streets.
Now Toronto can say with complete disgust that a gun attack on the home of a city councillor can be added to that dubious list.
“At approximately 1:40 a.m. this morning, multiple bullets were fired into my car, which was unoccupied, and another bullet into my home. No one was injured,” Ward 18 Councillor John Filion said Thursday.
Filion believes he was “targeted” as a result of his “work” as a councillor.
“This follows an incident three weeks ago in which a man with a weapon attempted unsuccessfully to force his way into my home,” he added.
What the hell?
This is unacceptable in Toronto.
Filion is not known for a controversial or combative style, but rather as unassuming, polite and respectful.
While left leaning, he’s not one to trash-talk political opposites.
CBC News reports that radio host Anna Maria Tremonti, who lives with Filion, was home at the time of the shooting.
Yonge St + Parkview Av
**1:41 am**
-Random holes found in walls of home
-Police attended and located shell casings nearby
-Confirmed that holes made by bullets
-No one injured
— Toronto Police OPS (@TPSOperations) April 4, 2019
The only times he’s raised eyebrows was his book on former Mayor Rob Ford, a series of critical tweets upon the election of Premier Doug Ford and when he changed his mind about retiring from council and ran for Ward 18 against an opponent he had already endorsed.
But two violent attacks on a Toronto city councillor and his family?
It is obscene.
Toronto Police’s 32 Division is all over this, so stayed tuned.
Mayor John Tory and council have rallied around their peer.
This was close. Too close.
“While fortunately Councillor Filion and his family weren’t injured, I can’t imagine the huge impact such a reckless violent act had on them,” Mayor John Tory told the Toronto Sun.
“I have of course offered to help, but the best thing we can all hope for is that our very excellent police service will track the perpetrators down and bring them to justice as soon as possible.”
Earlier, Tory told media “I was very troubled to learn of the incidents of violence experienced by Councillor John Filion and his family in recent days” and “I spoke with him this morning to ensure he was uninjured and to express my concern.”
The big question is will this spark debate for members of council to have enhanced security measures?
That Filion is suggesting this was potentially carried out by a constituent can’t be ignored.
Anybody in public life can tell stories about irate complainants, but I don’t recall an incident escalating to armed violence.
Until now.