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We dig deep into US culinary history. We lay bare what your most or least favourite world leader ate on a daily basis. Who prepared the meals? What were their favourite foods? What happened when things went wrong?

The Feed Network kicks off the new season(ing) with Lunches of the Rich and Famous. Our premier episode features former actor Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan was first known for his movie acting, president of the Screen Actor's Guild, and later, with his work on television. He was even governor of California. Yes, you read that right! Wow, what amazing accomplishments! Did you know that he was also president of the United States? Yes, it's true! But even more bizarre was his breakfast. Tonight, the Feed Network digs deep into the personal life and unusual eating habits of the former actor and president of the Screen Actor's Guild. Included are rare interviews with unknown people that used to work at the ranch.

excerpt from
Reagan's Leather Lunch

Rosa: (A former Hispanic cook, employed at the ranch)...And if we overcooked the chicken hearts or them deep fried peanut butter sammiches he loved, Sir would send us to the shed! Carlos would beat us! I don't know if Sir ever knew what happened in the shed, but once you was there, you never went back to the main house. They sent you to the kennels to make the dog's lunches...

Narrator: That's sad. Thanks for talking to us. Next, his upstairs maid...

Rosa: I'm not finished! Don't you want to hear about when we'd put gross stuff in his feed?

Narrator: No thanks. Another time. Next...

Rosa: Wait! We used to keep a mouse in the kitchen as a pet. And Hazel would clean her cage...

Narrator: Thank you!
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