Super Mario Song

This relaxing musical interlude is brought to you by Mario and Luigi.


And Charlie 'Two Fingers' Albo, Sammy 'the Fish' Vitri, Vinny 'Spike' Mancuso, Al 'the plumber' Franchetti, Spazzo Defrezi, several former capos from the Bronx in hiding by the FBI, Tony, Frenchy and Benito Spumoni, The Jews - Luto and Pietro Lumo. A body under the bridge. The smart ass, Pepto Bismalli. And others.

The Mediterranean is fine this time of year, eh cugino?

Wow! It's hard to believe that 34 years have gone by since Hans Hopfnagel opened his specialty German bakery on Queen St. E in Toronto! Nothing beats Teutonic efficiency. Hans always credited his time in uniform for learning the trade. Since then, he's been baking buns and burying mistakes with aplomb!

Are you having a special event? Hans loves baking and burying for weddings, anniversaries, graduations and funerals. He's so good, even the Columbos use him for their 'special parties' at the winery.

Hans raised three strapping boys all of whom have grown into adulthood. They do the heavy lifting now, but you can bet Hans will be there to supervise. Whether it's something going into the oven or a hole in the ground, Hans knows how to get things done!

Hopfnagel's Bakery
Baking and Burying since 1983!

Here are the stories that we're following:

Man found missing in swamp

Alberta Man found dead with bayonet through his neck: RCMP are treating it as suspicious

MPs pass increase for education funding: 79% to 30%
I like the CastleVania Remix

Note: Not Iron Maiden

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But it doesn't have mushrooms that give you points!
Quote: Originally Posted by Murphy View Post

But it doesn't have mushrooms that give you points!

Sadly no,
I wonder is this simple tune netted the writer any money?


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