Beagle allegedly tossed from balcony 'let out this one yelp'
By Chris Doucette , Toronto Sun
First posted: Tuesday, November 08, 2016 08:15 AM EST | Updated: Tuesday, November 08, 2016 06:59 PM EST
TORONTO - A heartbreaking single yelp was all a dying beagle could muster in her final moments after an alleged barbaric toss from a seventh-floor balcony Monday.
“I looked at this poor dog and you could just clearly see the agony because (she) wasn’t even whimpering or crying,” said a woman who attempted to provide comfort to the wounded pooch as she lay dying in the grass.
“The dog just let out this one yelp, this one cry,” recalled the woman, who asked not to be named, outside the TCHC-owned Scarborough highrise Tuesday.
“I said ‘OK, sweet girl,’ and I just petted her and she closed her eyes and that was the end.
“It was a horrific scene, no words can describe it.”
The woman’s adult son called her from the lobby after hearing “a loud crash” and turning to see the “mangled” dog on the grass Monday afternoon.
She called 911, then rushed outside and did the only thing she could — she gently placed her hand on the pooch to let her know she wasn’t alone.
Toronto Police officers arrived at 40 Firvalley Ct., near Warden and St. Clair Aves., and arrested a 25-year-old man in his apartment.
Residents applauded as the man was led away in handcuffs.
“It was very upsetting for the officers and for people in the community,” Det. Matthew Wighton, of 41 Division, said outside a Scarborough courthouse where the accused appeared briefly Tuesday morning.
He said the man has a “violent” history and is under numerous recognizance orders for assorted charges currently before the courts,
“He hasn’t really spoken to us at all,” Wighton said, explaining it’s not yet known why the dog was allegedly thrown to its death.
The man also tossed his pet’s food over the balcony, Wighton alleged, adding the accused then allegedly went outside and got into “a confrontation” with the bystanders who were trying to help the dying dog.
Adrian Foster is charged with cause animal unnecessary suffering and kill, maim, wound a dog. He remains in custody and is expected to appear in court again Wednesday.
It’s suspected mental health issues may be involved.
Residents said Foster only moved into the building last month and the beagle, believed to be about two years old, may have been an emotional support dog.
“I’ve been crying all night,” said Bonnie, who lives in the highrise and didn’t want her last name used. “It’s so sad.”
In the wake of the incident, area residents have left a bag of Purina, bowls of dog food and a small animal statue at a make-shift memorial out front of the building.
“It’s heartbreaking,” Colleen Clarke said, as she stopped by the memorial while walking her two dogs.
Kelsey Hicks and her mom, Arlene, visited the memorial with a “goodie bag” stuffed with treats and a dog toy.
On the plastic baggie she wrote, “Rest in peace little angel” and “beagles lives matter.”
“I just wanted to stop by and pay my respects,” Kelsey said, explaining her family dog is also a beagle.
A makeshift memorial of dog food has been left in front of a Scarborough high-rise where a beagle mix was allegedly thrown to its death Monday afternoon. CHRIS DOUCETTE/TORONTO SUN

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