RIP Marne aka Brat

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I am posting this for the folks who used to hang out on THE PEACE ARCH.

Our friend, Marne who went by the nickname BRAT passed away two days after a short battle with breast cancer.

Brat, as most remember her, was a happy go lucky young lady who loved her family, drag racing, horror, and her dogs. She was a sweetheart and I am deeply saddened by her passing. Here is a little something I wrote.

Today I found out that a friend and supporter of my writing passed away.

Her name was Marne and she had advanced breast cancer. I have been so caught up in other things that I did not know that her cancer had gotten that far. I met Marne many years ago on a forum called THE PEACE ARCH and this was before I picked up on my writing. Marne's nickname was Brat, but she was anything but. She was a sweetheart and she bought all of my books and was a true fan, as well as a friend.

When I heard she had cancer, I sent her signed copies and the folks at Great Old Ones Publishing sent her over some books to help her pass the time during chemo-therapy.

Sadly, the therapy did not produce the results needed and Marne stated so publicly. I am very sad, because we really lost a good one. I am especially sad that I did not get a chance to say goodbye.

I guess I will say it now.

Marne, thank you for the wonderful person you have been. Thank you for supporting my art, being a friend. I did not meet your family, but you are undoubtedly a reflection of the people you love. I cannot express how much I will miss your posts and your friendship. To your husband, Mark and family, you have my deepest condolences.

May the wonderful memories of Marne, of drag racing, boat rides and silly dog moments see you through the difficult days ahead.
She was a gem and her memory will remain with all she touched.


That's where I met her too.

I'll also miss her from my timeline.

RIP Marne.

Sorry you lost a friend, RCS,

From Garnet Rogers:

Here's a health to those no longer near
And a glass to ones departed
Who yet shine on through our darkening years
The brave and gentle hearted
I am saddened to learn of Brat's passing. She was a respected and steady participant of the now defunct Grapevine forum that was on the CityTV website and migrated along with a bunch of us to CC and TPA.

RIP Brat.
lone wolf
I remember. Rest in Peace....

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