A New Low for Vancouver-I Blame Filipinos

bill barilko
Just when I thought this place couldn't get any tackier they spring this **** on us-jesus wept

Vancouver to host karaoke world championships

Weekend warblers take notice.

Vancouver has been named the host city for the 2016 Karaoke World Championship. The world’s best amateur singers will belt out the hits, Nov. 1-6, at the Edgewater Casino.


KWC Canada is privileged to bring the World Championships to Vancouver and North America for the first time ever,” KWC Canada President and KWC Vancouver 2016 CEO Whitney-John Stuart said in a release.”Vancouver is a world class city that will provide a beautiful backdrop to the international finals. The Edgewater Casino, which sits across from BC Place stadium, is known for playing host to many live events and we look forward to showcasing the best amateur singers from around the world this November.”


Along with being the organizer, Stuart is also a former karaoke competitor. He won the Canadian championship in 2012.

“I entered on a dare .. ended up getting to go to Finland and finished sixth in the world,” he said. “Not too shabby.”

It was such a positive experience that Stuart assumed control of the Canadian competition and has spent that last two years working towards hosting the world championships in Vancouver.

“We want to elevate karaoke to something more than just getting drunk and singing with your friends. The talent level in B.C., Canada and the rest of the world using the medium of karaoke is astounding,” Stuart said. “If you go on YouTube and check out these singers, it will blow your mind. It’s on part with The Voice and American Idol, it’s just not televised yet.”

Stuart said Vancouver’s world championships may have a television component.

The road to worlds begins next month with B.C. qualifying on Thursday nights at the Two Lions Public House in North Vancouver.

The B.C. champs, top male and top female, will automatically qualify for the world championships, while the runners-up will move on to the Canadian championships, Aug. 25-28 at Calgary’s Deerfoot Casino, for another chance to advance to the KWC.
I'll only go if the noodles are good.

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