Councillor Shelley Carroll apologizes for 'F the police' Twitter like

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Councillor Shelley Carroll apologizes for 'F the police' Twitter like
Joe Warmington
May 31, 2019
May 31, 2019 2:57 PM EDT
Toronto Councillor Shelley Carroll in council chambers at City Hall in Toronto on Wednesday January 30, 2019. Ernest Doroszuk/Toronto Sun
Toronto Councillor Shelley Carroll has apologized for liking an activist’s tweet disparaging Peel Regional Police’s handling of a young girl.
The Toronto Police Association (TPA) had called out Carroll for liking the tweet by Desmond Cole, who had written “f*** the police” Thursday in response to Peel cops handcuffing a six-year-old black girl in a Mississauga school in 2016 — a case that is before the Ontario Human Rights Commission.
“Her liking that tweet was inappropriate,” TPA president Mike McCormack said, while waiting for Carroll to respond. “Short of this being an accident, she needs to apologize.”
McCormack said such ‘f*** the police’ messages could put officers at risk.
“It is troubling,” he said. “I mean, she’s an elected city councillor and former police board member. She knows this is a complicated matter and not reflecting all police.”
A tweet from Desmond Cole liked by Shelley Carroll
In a statement to the Toronto Sun Friday morning, Carroll said she is sorry and respects the police.
“I want to apologize for liking the tweet,” she said in an email. “It does not reflect my personal sentiments about the police, for whom I have the utmost respect.
“I liked the tweet while travelling to save the article attached to the tweet to read later, which was not good judgment on my part.
“Again, I sincerely apologize for any upset caused.”
McCormack said the TPA accepts her apology.
The case in question “is being litigated and talked about in the right forum” and “is something that deserves healthy debate,” he said earlier.
But to use the “f*** the police” approach as Cole, a Newstalk1010 host who is a well-known critic of police, did and have the perceived support of a councillor “adds legitimacy to an anti-police narrative that does not help anybody.”
If you liked it then it either reflects your personal opinion or you are trying the win votes by being sensational.

Power of social media.