Raising brother Rob's addiction issues 'disgusting,' Premier Ford says

Raising brother Rob's addiction issues 'disgusting,' Premier Ford says
Antonella Artuso
April 2, 2019
April 2, 2019 6:34 PM EDT
Rob Ford poses in this undated file photo. Joe Warmington/Toronto Sun/Postmedia Network
Premier Doug Ford blasted NDP Leader Andrea Horwath Tuesday, accusing her of exploiting his deceased brother Rob’s addiction troubles to make a political point about safe injection sites.
“I found it so disturbing (Monday) when the leader of the Opposition wanted to get personal and bring my family into discussions,” Ford said Tuesday. “That was pretty disgusting. Rob, my brother, had an issue in front of the whole world. He dealt with it. I just found it disgusting that you bring family members into the (legislative) chamber.”
While family members of politicians are usually considered off limits, Horwath said she made the comment because she wanted all people with addictions to get the same level of support Rob did from his own family.
NDP leader Andrea Horwath (Stan Behal, Toronto Sun)
“I have to say that I think the entire world felt a lot of deep sympathy with Mr. Ford and his family as he went through that crisis, and that’s what I was referring to,” Horwath told the legislature Tuesday. “But what I do need to say is that same kind of compassion and empathy needs to be thought about right now, with all of those other families who are also facing the same kind of crisis as the Fords happened to have to face so publicly not so long ago.”
After question period Monday, Horwath said it’s horrifying to know that while the opioid crisis worsens, the government is shutting down some safe injection sites, including three in Toronto.
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“I’m going to say this again because I think it’s something that we need to acknowledge — for this premier particularly who we know had a family member that had serious drug addiction problems — to turn his back on all those families who are worried about their loved ones, who are possibly going to lose their lives because they don’t have access to safe facilities to utilize their drugs, is absolutely, it’s horrifying,” Horwath said. “And I say shame on him.”
Horwath confirmed she was talking about Rob Ford, the former Toronto mayor who acknowledged that he smoked crack cocaine, had alcohol issues and underwent rehabilitation before dying of cancer in 2016.
“The entire situation was public; it’s not like I’m telling a secret here. It’s not like anybody thinks there’s a secret here,” Horwath said.
The PCs addiction treatment plan includes “wrap around” programs, not just safe injection facilities, Ford said.
Instead of more injection sites there Whoresbath, how about more detox/rehab centers? Bringing up Rob was classless, but then again she's always been classless. Rob wouldn't have benefited from safe injection sites, what he needed was ACTUAL, REAL help! Like the rest of them do.
Social conservatives are so sensitive.