Ode to a Testicle

Ode to a Testicle

The doctor said it's mystical.
The nurse was very practical.
My friends were always cynical.
I have an extra testicle.

In school, they called it magical.
The tailor called it tragical.
The girls all had a festival.
I have an extra testicle.

The jealous called it minuscule.
Their thoughts so very clerical.
It's all so very medical.
I have an extra testicle.

A few have said it's radical.
And all have called it laudable.
It's totally symmetrical.
I have an extra testicle.

- Murphy, 1998
Pretty ballsy thread topic.
When i die bury me
Nail my balls to a cherry tree
If they rot dont blame me
Blame that f@$#ing cherry tree
For all the urologists.
Curious Cdn
Flipped yer biscuit, eh Murphy?