Pit Bull Victim Could Lose Use of Arms, Hands

"It was worse than a horror movie. It was like something out of a nightmare. There was blood absolutely everywhere."

That's how Sheryl Elgie described the scene inside her father Robin's small trailer in the northeastern British Columbia city of Fort St. John after a Christmas day attack by two roaming pit bulls.

Elgie said the attack began after her father's partner, Wendy Lee Baker, 51, opened the trailer's door to let in their small dog. The pit bulls charged through the open door and tore the family's 15-year-old cat to pieces.

Bitten several times by the two dogs, Baker managed to lock herself in the bedroom and call 911 while Robin Elgie battled the dogs.

"As he was fighting them off he was getting more and more tired, and they backed him into a chair," his daughter told CBC News. "He was trying everything he could to fight them off. He grabbed a shelf and tried to hit them with it and get them to stop and release his arm, but they just kept coming and kept attacking him."

Weakened from blood loss and exertion, Elgie fell back into a chair "and he was just holding up his arms to try and keep them off of his body and away from his throat and neck," his daughter said

The two dogs continued to rip and tear at his arms until RCMP officers arrived.

The officers first tried sedating the dogs, but when that failed one officer shot a dog at close range inside the trailer. The second dog was also shot but escaped and was later tracked down and dispatched with a gun shot.

Sheryl Elgie, who lives in Prince George, drove to Edmonton, where her father had been airlifted for emergency surgery.

'When I first went to see dad he was in a lot of pain," she said. "Dad has always been such a strong man, so it was hard for him, for us, to see him in so much pain. He was more worried about me than himself."

After four surgeries, doctors have told her they are waiting to see whether her father will recover the use of his arms and hands. But it is unlikely the 66-year-old mechanic and heavy duty equipment operator will ever return to work.

"The dogs took chunks of flesh right out of his arms," she said. "They don't know if he will regain movement in his hands, and if that blood circulation dosen't come back to his hands, they will have to amputate."

Friends and even strangers in Fort St. John have rallied around the family. A group cleaned the couple's trailer and an online fundraising campaign has already surpassed its $10,000 goal.

Fort St. John senior attacked by pit bulls could lose use of arms, hands - Edmonton - CBC News
Where were the dog's owners? If this was ever their dog, they should be charged.
Here's a link if you want to donate

Babcock has started a crowdfunding campaign to help the couple.

Wow, here's another one.

Witness describes dog attack that left B.C. woman in critical condition | CTV News

One of the comments on this story suggests setting a legal requirement for owner's of "dangerous breeds" to have special liability insurance.

Personally I think severe, severe penalties are in order. A powerful breed in the wrong (inept) owner's hands is just as dangerous as leaving a loaded gun lying around.
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GoFundMe takes too much of a cut. If you want to donate money, call one of the local banks in Fort St John and they'll steer you in the right direction.
Four women in B.C. were hospitalized Friday after a group of pit bulls turned on their owners during a vicious dog fight

The sudden attack occurred inside a home in Surrey, a community southeast of Vancouver, on Friday afternoon.

RCMP said three pit bulls and a small dog started fighting each other and the owners were bitten as they tried to break it up.

Witnesses told CTV Vancouver that the women emerged from the house covered in blood and with bite marks on their arms. Some of the victims received stitches in hospital.

Animal control officers used long grips to seize the dogs by their necks and lead them out of the home. RCMP and animal control officers are expected to investigate the incident.

A nearby neighbour who saw the women flee the residence said he met the dogs before and they seemed friendly.

“I was over in the front yard with them and they were playing. (I) was petting them, they seemed friendly – then something like this happens. I guess with a pit bull you never know, right?” said neighbour Ryan Mitchell.

Neighbours said the family who lived in the home had moved in recently.

The dogs have been taken to an animal shelter, but it’s unclear what will happen to them.


4 women bitten while breaking up pit bull fight in B.C. | CTV News
lone wolf
I've seen a chihuahua come close to ripping the face off a kid. Temperment and environment are more determining than breed