The English wreck a "Welcome to Scotland" sign that was erected miles from the border

A couple of silly women were "shocked" when they discovered that there "Welcome to Scotland" sign was destroyed - even though the sign wasn't on the England-Scotland border and was even further south than the English city of Carlisle.

They even received threatening emails about the erection of the sign miles from the Scottish border.

What do these women expect to have happened when they place a "Welcome to Scotland" sign nowhere near the Scottish border?

You can safely assume that the same thing would happen if a "Welcome to England" sign was placed in Scotland or Wales several miles from the border.

They say they believe Carlisle should become a part of Scotland as they believe they would receive more support in Scotland - thougb obviously the local people don't agree with them.

The sooner that the imperialistic Scottish National Party (who has tried to lay claim to several areas of northern England for Scotland in recent years), and their allies such as these daft women, realise that this is not the 18th Century and they can no longer try and claim parts of Northern England for Scotland, the better.

Because imagine the uproar in Scotland if English Nationalists tried to claim the Scottish border town of Gretna for England.

Bordering on Madness

by Craig Robertson
5th October 2008
The Sunday Post

English nationalists have been blamed for destroying a "Welcome to Scotland" sign and sending abusive emails to the artists who erected it.

The 12-foot-long sign was put up on the M6 south of Carlisle last week, artificially moving the border south, as part of a group of artists' claim that they would be better supported in Scotland.

However one threatending email summed up the depth of feeling against the stunt, declaring: "How dare you - people died to keep the Scots out of England."


Other angry and anonymous emails were sent to artist Jennifer Brooks (22), but it's the attack on the road sign that's really shocked her.

"The idea of the artwork was to stir up a debate about whether Carlisle should be in Scotland," she explained.

"It has been in the distant past and we as a group of artists feel that we receive very little support from English councils, wheeas in Scotland, in placessuch as Dumfries & Galloway, local authorities are supportive of the arts.

"They fund a lot more vents and public arts projects. I was warned that there might be a strong reaction but the strength of feeling really has surprised me. Some people have said it's really great, but some people have been offended.

"One asked how we dared to do this when people died to keep "Jocks" out. I didn't realise there would be such anti-Scottish feeling.

"But we really do feel as artists that we would be better off north of the border.

"It's a shame that the sign has been destroyed but I suppose this will raise he debate so maybe in the long term it will be a good thing."

The sign was attacked in the middle of the night. The words "Welcome to Scotland" were cut away from the vinyl sign and then the rest was smashed up.

The farmland where the artwork was placed belomgs to Margaret Wilson and her husband Geoff.


"We found the damage when we went down to move the sign to a place higher up the field so it would be more visible from the motorway," she explained. "We got such a shock.

"The sign was just lying on the ground and the words Welcome to Scotland had been cut out. It's criminal damage.

"It was just an artwork and harmless. Presumably they parked on the hard shoulder of the motorway and will have broken the highway regulations to do this."

The sign was erected as part of an outdoor arts festival which is due to end this year due to a lack of funding.

The other artists who worked on the sign project were Jen Martin, James Hamilton, Rich Webster and Gary Gardiner. As part of their project, they have also designed a Carlisle tartan, to be made available in all local shops, and they are handing out maps to visitors, letting them know that the border has been "redrawn."
Well, with feelings like that about Scotland why the hell are you keeping them in the same nation. Scotland is a nation in a nation in a soon to be nation (the EU).

And if some of the traditional Kingdoms absorbed into Northern England want to seperate too, good for them :P

We'll just be sure to put "welcome to Northumbria" signs up.
lone wolf
After all these years, hasn't England grown up yet?