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The press in all its forms - is insane

In between reports of Saddam's execution last week and the death of an ex-president of the U.S., weather problems across the nation - the media seem totally focussed on what Donald and Rosie are

From what I have heard reported in the media they are both lacking in anything creative and challenging. Were those two debating on CanCon - they would bore us to death and we would move along probably
lobbing a caustic "stow it".... for each of them. Flying insults between the bitter bully O'Donnell and the control freak - Trump is just not interesting after the sixth day.

How they make the big bucks for having such little substance to say makes me wonder about the public (us) and what our lack of standards are. From what I read here - the thinkers on this forum are much better than these two zombies.

I guess the interests of we the public are dictated by the "press" whatever that means.

Excellent point! And one can also claim the same for all celebrity "news". Our interest level as the public can seem so focused on these people that sometimes it amazes me. What comes to my mind was the endless Tom Cruise reports during the year, on his marriage, his baby, his religious beliefs. Amazing how much attention we do pay to such stories, as if such information was of actual importance!