Famous Canadians: Anyone like writing?

Hey guys,

I'm working hard on a new Canadian people section for the site, which will showcase Canadians and their successes across the world and including the US.

We've got 5 sections:






-Science & Tech

I've finished Canadians in Music at Canadian Content - Canadians in Music and Canadian Content - Canadians in Politics. The latter will require many additions to be comprehensive.

I've gotten to work on Canadians Actors at Canadian Content - Canadian Actors.

But I'm going to have a very hard time getting the rest of them done... and have so many other things going on (including the completion of CanadianContent Mobility with it's new 1400 mobile phone models.

So, if you don't see your favourite Canadian up there with any text, please submit us a few paragraphs to cwalsh (@) canadiancontent.net or just PM ME!


(and btw, when finished, these people's profiles will become interlinked with CC-Forums in ie. news stories with their mention.)
Did anyone look?
I just submitted you one for Guy Simonds.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mogz

I just submitted you one for Guy Simonds.

Thanks Mogz

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