Another young Calgary couple leaving

My wife and I are leaving Calgary for Saskatoon. We are selling our condo and buying a house for cash (NO mortgage, thousands of dollars a year NOT paying interest). Calgary is not just "too expensive", it has been eliminated as an option for a lot of people. In Sask, we have clear title on a house, no debts, jobs available) and the chance to build a future.

If you are younger, just married, starting out etc etc. Calgary (Alberta in general) is simply not an option. Even with 150K downpayment (yes, that much) we have very limited options for home purchase. There is no future if we can't even think about getting a house, family etc.

One less couple NOT buying one less over-priced house. If I was a retiring baby-boomer, I'd be very concerned about this trend. Your retirement money is draining out of Calgary very, very fast.
I am shocked at what is happening in Saskatoon.
Hrmmmm....maybe inheriting the inlaws condo wouldnt be so bad after all....
I'm not surprised. I know 3 families who are in the process of moving from Edmonton. I think for allot of them the sky high price that they will get for their Real Estate is definitely the deal clincher however they are getting tired of this "wonderful" boom that is making living here quite expensive and definitely not very desirable. I see a trend locally where established families are moving out of the Province and single males are moving in. I've said it before but Edmonton will be just like Fort Mcmurray at this rate where you have a growing transient population of primarily young males and a dwindling population of families. My parents who have lived in Alberta for their entire lives are also talking about moving away. Their neighborhood has gone from a quiet South side community to a busy, congested, community with higher crime.
I have decided awhile ago that I am out of here as soon as I can. I would be leaving a very good career position that has nothing to do with Oil or construction or any other boom driven field. I have seen rents in my apartment go from between 650 - 850 per month to where they are now at 1250 - 1450 per month and expected to go higher. My wages haven't budged. I have also noticed that was once a quiet family apartment it is now full of very noisy, quite often drunk singles and the place is packed. Again, very typical of what you see in this city nowadays.