Iraq's South - Shia Sunni Battle for Oil

K - there was heavy fighting in Iraq southern areas today, with some towns like Basra being taken over by one of two Shia groups who appear to be fighting each other.
CBC was reporting it this morning * [see at bottom, funny stuff!]

"The Shia-Sunni battle for Oil" -

This article goes a long way to explain the overall situation in Iraq, especially as it relates to OIL, and the battles between Sunnis and Shias for that oil-rich southern area, and for their control of religious and political powers in Iraq.

"The Sunnis have ruled Iraq but they are a minority population. Democracy has empowered the Shia majority and Sunnis fear the consequences. The oilfields lay in the south and the north, and none in the Sunni triangle in the cenral Iraq area." [close quote]

I had assumed that the USA had control of all the Iraqi oil, but this article tells me that is not true. Hmmmm, there is a complex web woven in Iraq.
Sunnis and Saudi Arabia VS Iran and Shia , and they all have oil that they sell to the USA.



Imagine how much things would change, how much opportunity to stop the paranoia and killing over Arab oil - IF ONLY WE WOULD FIND ALTERNATIVES TO OIL AS OUR MAIN ENERGY SOURCE!!! . That would also help resolve the worlds biggest problem, global warming.
Lets do it.

But that would be too easy, and the American Elites and their Elite friends in Arab nations would not continue to control-and-destroy the world with oil while they get richer and richer.


* CBC news was reporting on this, complete with pictures showing huge oil fires and dead people, when they had to break away to tell us that "Peter Mackay has called Belinda Stronach 'a dog'. "
I thought that was hilarious to see such trivia usurping real news...
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