I say cut off all of this guys genetallia, along with his fingers, nose, tounge, and eyes. Leave his ears alone though so that he can hear all of the people call him grotesque freak. What was this judge thinking. I hope that this is not a benchmark of what we can expect when a liberal gains the bench.

Asexual deviant who repeatedly abused a child over a four-year period got a slap on the wrist in a Vermont courtroom this week and will be free to walk the streets in as few as 60 days. That is an appalling and unacceptable outcome.

Mark Hulett of Williston admitted to assaulting the girl for years, beginning when she was only 6. Prosecutors wanted Hulett jailed for eight years, although he could have received life in prison. But when the Corrections Department refused to offer treatment to Hulett in jail, Judge Edward Cashman set the jail term at a minimum of 60 days -- with a clear emphasis on the shorter sentence and conditions that included treatment for his deviancy.

....Cashman defended his ruling by saying that without treatment, a long jail term would only harden Hulett and make him more dangerous when he is released. He seemed to feel that decision would keep society safer from this offender's sexual deviancy in the long run.

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