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The basic principles in the Quran (particularly the 'exclusive devotion to God alone') are similar to those in the Torah (included in the Old Testament), but the Quran includes many marvels that are not found in the Torah or the entire Bible.

A couple of days ago, one of my friends asked about a tale about Abraham: how he received guidance and then his wrangling with his people.. so after the discussion, he said: I'll refer to the Torah (included in the Old Testament) to see the details of this or the solving of this puzzle!

I said: Nothing in the Torah concerning this story (although it is of a most importance)

Another one said: I recall in the Quran interpretation (by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly) that the story of the birth of Mary mother of Jesus Christ is detailed in the Quran, while Christians do not know that, even though she is the mother of their prophet.

"Know also that Christians do not know about the story of Mary's birth, neither do they know the name of her father, in spite of that she is the mother of their prophet; while it is mentioned in the Quran in details; and this is one of the miracles of the Quran."
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God - be glorified - declared in the Quran in many ayat (or revelations), that He told the messenger Mohammed - salam to him - many tales and truths of the Unknown which the Prophet had not known before.

Quran 11: 49, which means:
([God – be glorified – addressed His messenger Mohammed, and said:]

(These [stories and tidings] are [some] of the tidings of 'the Unknown' that We reveal to you [Mohammed]; which neither did you nor your people [the Arab] know, before this [revelation];

so be patient [concerning the hurt of your people, O Mohammed; as was Noah patient concerning the hurt of his people];

surely, the [best] final sequel will be for those who ward off [God's punishment by obeying Him.]
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These ayat also tell much about this: that the Quran includes many tales and proverbs which had not been told in the Torah, so how can Mohammed who was one of the illiterate Arab know while they had not been revealed in the Torah itself .. because they claim that Mohammed studied the Torah and quoted the Quran from it.

Quran 28: 45-46, which mean:

(45. But We created [successive] generations [after Moses], then a long time passed on the [Children of Israel since the time of Moses.]

Moreover, you [Mohammed] were not sojourning among the people of Midian, so that you have [now] come to rehearse on [the Meccans] Our revelations.

But We [have] sent [you, Mohammed, to your people, as had We sent Moses to Pharaoh.

46. Nor were you [Mohammed] by the side of the Mount [Sinai: or Horeb in Hebrew] when We called Moses [and We spoke to him and sent him to Pharaoh.]
But [as] a mercy from your Lord, that you may warn a people [of Mecca and Hijaz] to whom no warner came before you, that they may receive admonition [with such tales.]

More valuable knowledge in this link:
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Therefore, it is part of the Unknown... the Unknown to people, and evenso God has told us in the Quran about it, which neither Jews nor Christians know anything about .. like the story of Mary mother of Jesus Christ, when she was child, and how God let Zachariah take care as her guardian.

Quran 3: 44, which means:
(This [story of Mary, Zachariah and John] is [some] of tales of 'the Unknown' [to you] which We reveal [in the Quran by Gabriel] to you [Mohammed, eventhough it is not known by Christians, and it is not written in the Gospel];

and, surely, you were not with them when they cast their pencils [in the River Jordan, as a lot to see] which one of them may be assigned to take charge of Mary, and you were not with them when they disputed [concerning that.]
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Prophet Joseph and his brothers the sons of Prophet Jacob

Quran 12: 3, which means:
(We do relate to you [Mohammed] the best of stories c [of the ancient], by revealing this Quran to you d ; though before it e you were oblivious [to such information ] f .)
.................................................. ................

3 c i.e. the most correct, summarized and advantageous to the listener.

3 d It means: We tell you these stories by the revelation which We reveal to you by Gabriel who recites it to you.

3 e i.e. before revealing the revelation.

3 f Which neither did you hear before, nor did you know about.

More about the Unknown concerning Joseph, his brothers and his father:
"[Then God – be glorified – returned once again to address His messenger Mohammed, and He said:] Quran 12: 102-104, which mean:
(102. That is [some] of the tidings of the 'Unknown' which We reveal to you [Mohammed]; you even were not [present] with them when they [intended to kill him, neither were you with them when they] agreed upon their plan [to sell him to the Ishmaelites], [and] when they plotted [to cast him in the well.]
103. Yet most of people will not believe [in you], however ardently you desire [of their belief.]
104. And you do not ask of them for any wage for [conveying the message]; the [Quran] is only an admonition to all peoples.)

More explanation in the link:
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