World Series

Got off to an exciting start. Nationals 5-4 Astros. Tense moment as the Nationals' reliever got the third out in the 8th, stranding 3 Astros. The Nats were doing the "baby shark" gestures. Funny!

Baseball has more room for silliness than most sports.
Great win for the Nats and Scherzer last night because beating Houston is tough.

The only way I see the Nats losing this series is if their bullpen shits the bed.
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Great win for the Nats and Scherzer last night because beating Houston is tough.
The only way I see the Nats losing this series is if their bullpen shits the bed.

Or if the "Baby Shark" tape breaks.
Verlander is tough to beat.
Soto for World Series MVP
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Verlander is tough to beat.

Damn, you're every bit as spot-on about Verlander as you are about Donny Dodger!

What was that again? 12-3, right?
2-2. "Home field advantage" is taking a pounding.
Turns out the Series is, ultimately, a one-game championship.
Verlander gets beaten again. Very unusual.
Woman who flashed breasts at World Series reveals more X-rated stunts coming
Aidan Wallace
October 29, 2019
October 29, 2019 1:21 PM EDT
There’s more on the way.
Julia Rose, 25, now renowned for flashing her breasts at Houston Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole on national television during Game 5 of the World Series, has revealed she is planning similar stunts in the future, New York Post reported.
“We definitely have some more stuff up our sleeves,” she said.
The Instagram model did not give any details about the plans but did say they would “100%” occur at sporting events.
Speaking about the stunt, Rose said: “We didn’t plan on a specific pitcher or anything. We didn’t even really know what moment of the game we wanted to do it at.”
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Rose said she and her gal pals went topless to promote their digital magazine, ShagMag.
The gambit seems to have paid off as Rose claims the magazine has seen a spike in subscriptions, pulling in $10,000 with expectations for that figure to double.
Rose said the magazine will contribute some money to breast cancer victims in honour of it being breast cancer awareness month.
“We thought, ‘What better way to promote (cancer awareness) … than show off our tatas,” she said.
The stunt did land her in some hot water with the MLB, as she has been banned indefinitely from attending MLB games.
Rose criticized the decision saying there’s a “double standard.”
“I feel there’s a lot of men who are able to body-paint and be shirtless all the time, but because we were topless, we were banned for life.”
In a YouTube video released by ShagMag, Rose and her friends detail their trip to Game 5 of the World Series as well as what happened before, during, and after the MLB ban from their perspective.
Astros win.

Should have kept Scherzer in.
Right on
I won the team but I believe i lost the mvp.
Washington wins, good for them.

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