Fossil Fuel Divestment Scam

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Campus hysteria fuels the divestment scam | Philanthropy Daily

It's a scam bro!

Now the econuts are getting REAL salty.
captain morgan
From the article

"The 300-page report from NAS counts over 1,000 campus-based campaigns, a number that has grown rapidly since the con job started in 2010. But fewer than three dozen American schools have announced they have divested, and NAS finds that sometimes the claim is mostly a pious lie, as greedy school leaders leave their lush endowments largely untouched. Across the pond, Oxford claims to have joined the divestment brigade, but it leads the world in hypocrisy because it hasn’t actually sold a pennyworth of its evil capitalist paper."

Fascinating, non?
If they really were honest they would take the money they directly invested in fossil fuels and invest directly in wind and solar or other alternative fuel sources. But then of course their endowments would get crushed and university board members would be looking for other jobs.

But as it stands they are still investing in fossil fuels indirectly. They are just buying blended funds chock full of fossil fuel companies.

But ecotards are too dumb to realize they're being had.
captain morgan
Of course. These guys know who butters their bread.

I wonder how many invested in Solyndra?
Even the authors of these scams acknowledge that fossil fuel companies will still have access to capital and direct divestment will have no effect on profits.

If the econuts understood that I would imagine they would be...

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When it's coming out of one or two companies, it's a big deal.


No... as pointed out divestment has ZERO effect on access to capital and profits of oil companies.
I notice the article was posted in November of 2015, Eagle. Any updates on what's happening?

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Sure... the snowflakes are being made to believe fossil divestments actually hurt oil companies to this very day.