God's dealing with the nations of disbelievers

Torch light
God terminated many cities and countries and their peoples when they disbelieved, and rebelled against God and His messengers.

This includes also the present generation: their blasphemy, their insisting on the atheism, the enthusiasm about their religious leaders and their idolatry.

Therefore, you disbelievers beware of God's punishment!
And you believers beware also of God's dealing and don't be like the disbelievers or you will lose in the same way.

Quran 65: 8-11, which mean:
(8. Yet how many cities rebelled against the command of its Lord and of His messengers [: apostles], so We punished them [in the World] with a severe punishment [according to their rebellion], and chastised them [in the Next Life] with a dreadful chastisement [: of which souls dread.]

9. So they suffered the evil consequences of their ‘disbelief and deception’, and the end of their ‘disbelief and deception’ was complete loss [; for they lost their Next Life.]

10. God has prepared [for Doomsday] for them severe chastisement; –– then ward off God's [punishment], O men of understanding: You who believe! God has revealed to you an admonition [included in the Quran, which He revealed to His messenger Mohammed, who is …]

11. A messenger [of God] reciting to you the revelations of God, evidently indicating [that their source is from God]; to bring forth those who believe and do righteous [works] from [the depths of] darkness [of ignorance and disbelief] to the light [of knowledge and belief.])

For more explanation:

Here is also the recitation of these horrible ayat of the Quran
Torch light
God terminated many cities of the disbelievers and idolaters

So that their civilizations and corruption ended and disappeared.

[God – be glorified – explained about what He did to the deniers, and He said:]
Quran 21: 11-15, which mean:
11. How many a city, [the people of] which were wrong-doers, We broke up [with the earthquake], and raised up after it [another city and] other people!

12. Yet, when they perceived Our might, behold, they [tried to] run out of the [city.]

13. [The angels said to them, mocking:]
"Run not; Return to [the wealth with] which you were prosperous, and to your dwelling-places; that you may be questioned [about your wealth: who bestowed it on you: We or your idols?]"

14. [At that time] they said: "Alas for us! We have wronged [the messengers.]"

15. So they ceased not to cry such words, until We [exterminated and] made them [mown down motionless] dead corpses.

More explanation and interpretation:

this is the recitation of these ayat of the Quran:
You're just as bad with your quran bullshite as Cliffy with his Fakebook!

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