Dog licks baby in video: Is that a good or bad thing?
Jane Stevenson
January 17, 2020
January 17, 2020 6:51 PM EST
Since dogs have been domesticated, the question for some mothers has been how close can the family pooch get to a newborn?
Well, a video posted on 6ixbuzztv’s private Instagram account Friday seemed to reignite the debate as a woman holding a young baby — age unknown — allowed a large dog that resembled a Husky to lick her child right on the mouth.
“This how baby’s get their face ripped off,” wrote one person.
“They’re training the dog so it doesn’t bite the baby’s face off you city slickers,” wrote another in the opposite camp.
Said another more lightheartedly: “That dog’s tongue is cleaner that 90% of the people commenting.”
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Added another more cautiously: “It’s very nice that they have that connection but is a little to early for licking.”
Weighing in locally was the Toronto Humane Society’s Chief Veterinary Officer Karen Ward.
“While the overall risk of disease from a dog lick is low, we generally recommend that dogs don’t lick people’s mouths, particularly high risk folks such as babies, the elderly, immunosuppressed or pregnant women,” Ward told The Toronto Sun.
“Or dogs that are fed a raw diet.”
Continued Ward: “Dogs mouths can contain bacteria that could potentially be harmful to people.”