Grand Solar Minimum

Bad news for retards...^

United Nations: No amount of money will stop global warming | Ezra Levant

"Global warming"? what ever happened to "climate change"?
A Solar Physicist explains Grand Solar Minimum and the expected impact on climate and our food supply.

An unbiased must see for all.
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Certainly the sunspots have important influence on Earth (and the rest of the planets)

While the important factor is the distance between Earth and Sun has become a little bit less than before.

Another important factor is the change in the axis of the Earth.

On the other hand, the CO2 and CH4 may have some effect, but it is trivial in comparison to the decreased distance between Earth and Sun.
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Therefore, they keep discussion about the climate change on Earth in general, but they neglect this important point: the earth has become somewhat nearer to the sun than it had been before.

Their neglecting or being unaware of this important point is among their misguidance and error.
The reason It's colder in Kapuskasing than Toronto
For stupid people.....It's the Sun stupid!

46 minutes difference of sunlight per day at this time of the year!

What Climate Change during a short sunspot drop looked like prior to "the record"(1951-present) with 280ppm CO2.

32 more years of GSM to come. Enjoy!