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Ex-Notre Dame star drilled gal pal's daughter, 5, until she died: Cops
Brad Hunter
April 17, 2019
April 17, 2019 6:38 PM EDT
La-Rayah Davis was worked to death by her mothers former football star boyfriend. Cierre Wood is charged with murder. FACEBOOK
A former star running back for Notre Dame is accused of working his girlfriend’s 5-year-old daughter to death.
TMZ Sports reports that Cierre Wood — who also played for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers — is facing murder and child abuse charges after forcing the child to do NFL-style workouts.
La-Rayah Davis died last Wednesday in Las Vegas.
La-Rayah Davis was worked to death by her mother’s former football star boyfriend. Cierre Wood, above, is charged with murder. LAS VEGAS POLICE
Wood reportedly decided that the little girl was “chunky” and decided to do something about it.
He allegedly made the child run sprints in the family’s apartment, do sit-ups and wall squats.
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On Tuesday, La-Rayah couldn’t finish the second set of sit-ups and fell backward, banging her head against the floor.
She briefly stood up before collapsing.
The child’s mother, Amy Taylor, is also charged with murder and child abuse. LAS VEGAS POLICE
According to KSNV, an autopsy showed the little girl’s skull had multiple contusions. It also revealed she had rib fractures. A liver laceration was deemed the likely cause of death.
Cops say that Wood wasn’t the only one who allegedly abused the child.
Her mother, Amy Taylor, is also charged with murder.
She reportedly abused La-Rayah on a regular basis.
In the days before she died, La-Rayah complained about chest pains that were the result of her mother sitting on her chest and stomach.
TMZ said it was allegedly punishment for behaving badly. Taylor told cops she “popped” her daughter before she died.
Amy Taylor is unlikely to ever win mother of the year. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
“She can’t be there no more. I can’t call her no more,” the child’s father, Danaun Davis, told KSNV.
“Never thought I’d bury my child at 5 years old.”
Wood’s promising NFL career crashed and burned after short stints in Houston, New England, Seattle and Buffalo.
He called his torment of the child “Learning through fun.”
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