I Will Never Understand People Who Do This

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Drowning deaths 'impossible to explain': Father

By QMI Agency

DRUMMONDVILLE, Que. - Sonia Blanchette, the depressed, divorced mother whose three young children were drowned on the weekend, still had not been interrogated as of Tuesday because of a suicide attempt.
Blanchette, 33, remained in hospital in this town an hour east of Montreal after, according to a QMI source, she overdosed on pills.
The bodies of Laurelie, 5, Loic, 4, and Anais, 2, were found Sunday afternoon in a duplex. All three children had been drowned.
The father, Patrick Desautels, briefly addressed reporters Tuesday afternoon and thanked supporters while acknowledging the family's ordeal.
"The pain that we're living through is impossible to explain," said Desautels. "You'll understand that there's currently a police investigation and for that reason I cannot answer your questions," he added before walking away.
Blanchette was alone in the residence at the time of tragedy despite the fact that all of the visits with her children are supposed to be supervised. The children's grandmother found their bodies after accompanying the young ones on one such visit. Blanchette had lost custody of the children to Desautels last year, and she currently faces a kidnapping charge related to an earlier incident involving the youngest child.

In an interview with QMI, the grandmother, Nicole Grenier, would not discuss her role in the visitation arrangement. She added that she hasn't been allowed to visit her daughter.
"I was told that the first people to talk to her will be the police, no one else."
The entire community rallied behind the family Tuesday, with a local restaurateur lending his establishment for the news conference while others have donated cash.
The children will be buried on Saturday, and several people had created a memorial at the family home, leaving bouquets and stuffed toys.
Blanchette had lost a 2 1/2-year custody battle to her ex-husband and police say she's an "important witness" in the deaths of her children.
One neighbour said Blanchette was depressed and rarely saw her children, who lived with their father.
But Nancy, a friend of the mother, said she was "a good person."
"I would have helped her. I wouldn't have let that go. I have a little boy myself," Nancy said.
"She was a nice girl and she loved her children. It's a shock for everyone."

Drowning deaths 'impossible to explain': Father - Crime - Canoe.ca

Despite still being called only an "important witness" by the police, we all know where this is going. So she lost a 2 1/2 year custody battle, was 'depressed' and was supposed to have visitation only under supervision of the grandmother. So what the hell happened? Where was the grandmother?
a 'good person' does not kill their children
I know so many moms whose postpartum drove them to thoughts like this. I have a hard time not projecting my own friends and family's struggles and pityi g the mom for not getting adequate help. And yes, i know its a horrible double standard.
Quote: Originally Posted by CanIrish View Post

a 'good person' does not kill their children

Unfortunately that is not necessarily true.

I Will Never Understand People Who Do This

the depressed, divorced mother ...
Quote: Originally Posted by petros View Post

the depressed, divorced mother ...

Don't even have to be divorced.
Quote: Originally Posted by karrie View Post

Don't even have to be divorced.

I know. It's not uncommon and it can as if someone flipped a switch.
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Unfortunately that is not necessarily true.

It's just part of the progression of the world getting f**Ked up!
Not a surprise.

Mother of three drowned kids faces murder charges - Crime - Canoe.ca

No worries though. I'm sure she'll be out enjoying coffee in two to three years time.

In the meantime, the children will still be dead and no third party to their death (because there are always massive failures that occur when these things happen, like dominos) will bear any responsibility.
See what I mean.
Quote: Originally Posted by EagleSmack View Post

See what I mean.

Nope. What am I missing?
We are actually living in a world that totally confuses people and they cannot cope with
what is in front of them
There are people who a mentally ill and do not understand what is happening to them or
what they are doing is wrong.
There are others who are so self centered their children are an impediment to their lifestyle
Some are overcome with religion? What you say? What about those who followed Jim Jones
they all believed.
Unfortunately it is fine to say these people need to get help and help is available. The problem
is most who are in a confused state do not think about alternatives that is why they are mentally
ill. Its like advertising illiteracy adds in a newsper
The issue is we know this is happening, so why are we not trying to address the problem.
I honestly don't care the reason that she did it, I just care about the fact that she murdered three children. She should have to pay for that, and I think life in prison would be deserved.

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