Loch Lomond wallabies caught on camera

10 March 2006

There have been rumours for years, but the legendary Loch Lomond wallabies have finally been caught on camera. Thirty years after they were introduced to Inchconnan from down under, the marsupials seem to have gladly swapped Sydney for Scotland.

The only way to track the wallabies down was to get onto the shore by boat.There has never been photographic proof of their existence so the cameramen had to tread carefully. Slowly but surely they crept closer and closer and then suddenly they emerged, camouflaged by the undergrowth into the open.
These amazing images of the Australian marsupials are confirmation that local stories of sightings are not as fanciful as they might have seemed.

The mini kangaroos only come out early in the morning and late at night and are part of a mysterious colony which have been on the private island of Inchconnan since the early 1970s.

Some have made a break for the mainland - it is thought they might be able to swim the one and half miles using their long tails, but the wallabies seem quite happy to hop around the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.


There are also rumours of wallabies living in Derbyshire.