Immigrants' Horrible Experiences in Canada - Check This!

Hank C Cheyenne
hey Azkhan you dirty little man,whats your problem with Canada? Don't come round here with you anti Canada crap this is a Canada forum, if you want to complain do it in a Pakistan forum?

you ain't welcome here...go away
I don't know... what he posted showed good and bad experiences. I think that is a fair assessment. Their are those that planned out their immigration and had better fortune, there are those that didn't and were less successful. There were those that were just unfortunate. Every venture you take is a risk you have to realize at some point that ultimately, you are responsible for what you decide to do. There are no guarantees in life no matter where you are from.
Azkhan your posts are deleted and put in the moderators forum, do not post an entire thread from another message board again.
Sorry about posting the whole thread. Didn't know it mattered.

To see the detailed accounts of immigrants' experiences in Canada, go to <snip: spam> and click on the forum link at the top right of the page.

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