T.O. Passenger plane in flames

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Plane skids off runway at Toronto airport; flames seen coming from craft -

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An Air France AC340 apparently landing in a storm. Thankfully no fatalities reported.
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TORONTO Aug 2, 2005 A jetliner carrying more than 200 people erupted in flames Tuesday after skidding off a runway while landing in a thunderstorm at Toronto's Pearson International Airport. A govenment official said there were no known fatalities but 14 people suffered minor injuries.

Steve Shaw, a vice president of the Greater Toronto Airport Authority, said there were 297 passengers and 12 crew aboard the plane. He said the jet overshot the runway by 200 yards and that he believed the fire broke out after the passengers were evacuated.

Air France also announced there were no fatalities in the crash.

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Police said the plane was an Air France A340 from Paris that was trying to land at Canada's busiest airport when it ran into trouble. There was a storm with lightning and strong wind gusts in the area at the time.

thank goodness, no fatalities....
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Thank goodness no fatalities indeed.
Hats off to the emergency crews . Well done!!!!
It is definitely good news for all.... and great for Canadian reputation.
I think not
Very rare, to have an airliner crash with no fatalities.
Wow that was something. Amazing (and thankfully) no one was killed.
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black boxes fully recovered. Investigation continues.....but so far the cause seems weather related.
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"no way the plane could have stopped.........."
Jo Canadian